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Maha Tulasi Puja Festival

Tuesday, 27 May 2008 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 3,626 views

Iskcon Vancouver: Saturday June 14th

Hare Krishna Temple (ISKCON)
5462 Marine Drive, Burnaby, BC Canada

On Saturday June 14th our temple room will be transformed into Vrndavan (forest of Tulsi plants) as the Maha Tulasi Puja Festival begins

ISKCON Vancouver has some of the nicest Tulasi plants in the world so it’s befitting to have a special festival in her honor here.

In fact our Vancouver Tulasi’s are so famous that Back to Godhead Magazine even wrote a feature front page coverage article about our Tulasis.

In the shastra it is stated”

“Tulasi is auspicious in all respects. Simply by seeing, simply by touching, simply by remembering, simply by praying to, simply by bowing before, simply by hearing about, or simply by sowing this tree, there is always auspiciousness. Anyone who comes in touch with the Tulasi tree in the above-mentioned ways lives eternally in the Vaikuntha world.”

Skanda Purana

. “Let me offer my respectful obeisance’s unto the Tulasi tree, which can immediately vanquish volumes of sinful activities. Simply by seeing or touching this tree one can become relieved from all distresses and diseases. Simply by offering obeisance’s to and pouring water on the Tulasi tree, one can become freed from the fear of being sent to the court of Yamaraja [the king of death, who punishes the sinful]. If someone sows a Tulasi tree somewhere, certainly he becomes devoted to Lord Krishna. And when the Tulasi leaves are offered in devotion at the lotus feet of Krishna, there is the full development of love of Godhead. ”
Skanda Purana



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