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From village to village

Wednesday, 28 May 2008 / Published in Blog thoughts / 2,775 views

Rasamandala das: Few weeks ago some youths has come to visit ISKCON Pandharpur. I took their addresses and phone numbers and decided to visit their villages. As transportation I used ST bus, a kind of a local Indian bus. While arriving in their villages I was surprised to find that some are chanting 16 rounds.

In most Indian villages meat eating is very common. Gaura Krishna Prabhu a devotee from Denmark has given me a very nice and heavy movie about meat eating. The first day of my preaching I would just show them this movie without telling them the topic for if they knew what it was about they would just run away. I would later ask them how they felt about it. Some would say, ‘Bahut ganda: very dirty'; other would say ‘I could not sleep at night’ and other would say, ‘my head is completely up and down’. All of them are meat eaters; they used to criticize those who have just started to practice Krishna consciousness for not eating meat like them.

The next day I would visit their houses, as I have not so much time. I would preach to them for 15 to 20 minutes, chant one round with them, have a kirtan for 5 minutes then move to the next house. In this way 17 malas were distributed. In some places the villagers has just a small hut, and I would spend the day moving from one tree to another for shade, either preaching or waiting for the evening for bigger crowd. As prasadam I have to just offer in my own plate what they would give me: a very simple prasadam consisting of dal and roti without any vegetables (of course without onion and garlic). In 10 days I visited 7 villages and two kutis are planned in the future.

A Kuti is a place where our devotees can assemble for mangal arati, evening arati, japa and Bhagavad gita classes. My realization during these 10 days is that I was feeling very happy, I wanted that this program continue for a whole year for at present our preaching is not yet reaching villages. Your servant Rasamandala das

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