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Oh Krishna!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008 / Published in Poetry / 2,577 views


Oh Krishna! How did u come in my life?
How did you feel my choke, my strife?
How did you get to my living abode?

Do you really feel my pain, my shame?
Why do I get moved with your name?
What drives me to you and on your road? – I

Where do you want to lead me?
Or do you want to set me free?
Or Is it just some testing game?

Is it what I am supposed to?
Or A puzzle with no hint and clue?
Am I to or not to Blame? – II

You’ve slain a lot of devils
Conquered so many evils
Then Now what are you waiting for

I’m in your hands, your lap
In my own complacent nap
Wake me and lead me to the door – III

My hands tremble and shiver
Groping in dark for the lever
That shall release my bonded mind

Closing my eyes, your picture I see
At times wondering if its just a fantasy
Yet determined that, ‘I shall find’ – IV

I am sure you hear my prayers
In my heart’s deepest layers
Where does this infinite journey ends?

When will all Karmas get dried?
After all the crying that I tried
This State, my foolish pride defends – V

Cannot trust anymore
How shall I further endure?
Have to get out of this sticky rut

Have to combat these senses
That has plagiarized my defenses
Its time for some fiery gut – VI

It’s the path that you’ve showed
With Time and Truth its been mowed
Will you Always be, by my side?

Will you teach me the essence?
Make me feel you constant presence?
Take me in your chariot for a ride? – VII

Will you open up my eyes?
Upfold The Geeta, its Treatise?
And try to make me understand

As we go thru each verse
Like a child to me will you nurse?
And make my consciousness expand – VIII

In my ages old slumber
Thru the Lives of countless number
I may find it hard to keep up

Will you come for my rescue?
Break thru my skin-eyed view
And show your True and Divine close-up – IX

Every moment that passes
Arouses restless flashes
My Inner self craves for the dive

This time its once and for all
No looking back and no fall
Oh Krishna! How did u come in my life? – X

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