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Save indian breed cow

Friday, 30 May 2008 / Published in Blog thoughts / 3,511 views

Kamdhenu kutumbkam:

Dear, Sir-Madam. We run Kamdhenu Kutumbkam in Amravati center India. Our motto is to save Indian breed Cow ,Farmer & Farming land. somebody may thinks without cow human life can pass very comfortably. But it is not true, now-a-days in human society facing so many problems like, incurable dangerous deices cancer, heart fail ,brain tumors, kideny fail, mental deices many many….& also No Love for family, society, nation, & no satisfactions in life. everybody is seeking for peace, happiness& love. In society founds so much money but their is No……

We have a histoy of ancient India, our people use to do only cow-keeping with organic-farming. At that time they had good health , prosperity, happy life, appliances etc…. Even emperor Sikandar was shock at that time. and can not understand. We thinks Only Cow can bring peace ,prosperity , Happiness & God health by organic farming the human society. One Cow gives in the year 230 kg. of methane Gas, Organic fertilizers for 3-4 acrs. land.& also 400-1200 lits of milk . But unfortunately every day in India over 60,000 cows get kills . In future in 2015 will found No Indian Breed cow on land of India . You will find Cow only in picture. So we beg you ‘ Please Save INDIAN breed Cow ‘ This is the only solution , time left.

If any one not come forward such Innocent cow will be finish. Please help us to save cow. We been studying cow & farmer from last 16 years . WE have many ideas to save our native breed . Ride now breed fully contaminated , we have improve our breed by using pure breed Bulls. & also spread massage to use cow products in society .

Then Cow can be saved………………

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