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New Vaisnava Calendar Calculation Software

Saturday, 21 June 2008 / Published in Announcements / 8,303 views

By Bhaktarupa Das

The GBC Vaisnava Calendar Committee announces the first public beta release of its new calendar calculation software, “GCal” (Gaurabda Calendar). This is completely new software, developed from the ground up by Gopalapriya Das of ISKCON Bratislava, Slovakia, and is a full-featured calendar calculation program for Gaudiya Vaisnavas. Choose from the database of thousands of locations, or add new ones. Calculate tithis and naksatras, and add custom events that you are interested in observing. Find out sunrise and sunset timings, and lots more.

This is a beta test release. We invite the devotee community to download the software, give it a test run, and send in their feedback. It is available for free download from after registration.

Also at KrishnaDays we have published some substantial program documentation for GCal and established a forum for discussion of calendar related topics. Coming soon at this site will be a revolutionary new type of online personalized calendar and reminder system featuring not only the standard observances but also all the days that are important to you, such as your guru’s vyasa puja day, family birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

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