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Gift Bhagavat Gita – A Letter to Industrialists

Friday, 27 June 2008 / Published in Appeals / 3,288 views

By Balaramkrishna das

‘Competency-anomalies’ due to inconsistencies in human behavior- under pressure, has been the all-time subject matter of social and behavioral science workers as a significant account of human life now- a- days is being transferred and confined to formal industrial and business infrastructure.

The peers and seers of behavioral science had quite unconventionally though, modified ‘Intelligence Quotient’ into ‘Emotional Quotient’ venturing to capture into a set of soft skills the metaphysical unknowns of human psyche. It has been our experience in International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) that individuals ‘Trained through Traditional Techniques’(TTT) responded from a pre-eminent productivity mind set, whether business, work or family. Further, they gradually embrace a steady and regulated life and do not ever fall victim to conditioned and wasteful habits that characterize present times: media hype, rumor-reveling, intoxication, quarrels to name a few.

The ‘triple Ts’ expressly realize their absolute proactive role-models, and emerge from ‘self-helplessness’ to a ‘self awareness’ of their passive and primitive instincts , work evasion being the ‘number one’ at that. In our experience, in countries ranging from North and South America, Europe, Russia to Central Asia and even Africa, a natural exposure to time tested Vedic scriptures, especially Bhagavad-Gita, helped to evolve responsible and balanced individuals out of ordinary men and women! Thus we tirelessly distribute Bhagavad-Gita, the conclusive lesson of Vedic scriptures, in various languages across the globe, irrespective of organized or unorganized sectors.

The world is thus enabled into a productive and emotionally balanced environment discreetly conserving the human psyche and physique from speculative dreadfulness, spite, despair, madness and short-life. Being the organized sector, it is time; you too may review your current policies of organizational development. Kindly introduce a strategy to enhance the value driven productivity and quality of the people that you have engaged from the present day-thin and unethical market. You can aid them to enhance their behavioral and soft skills through an ‘embedded learning exposure’ to the eternal knowledge of Bhagavad-Gita along with interactive CDs (free gift).

Many a forward looking companies have invited us to exhibit Bhagavad-Gita materials in their premises. The employees take the books/CDs and the companies accommodate it in their gift budget, a life- giving gift to the purchaser and an everlasting contribution to the moral integrity and longevity of the Organization.

We have organized such events at many of the companies1) as listed in attachment. East or west north or south, people want personal guidance on self-security and social-consistency and none fills the gap, except Gita. We genuinely recommend this scheme, ‘Gift of Eternal Wisdom for mutual sustenance for your esteemed Organization.

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