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MP3 of 18 Musicals, Comedies and Dramas!

Monday, 30 June 2008 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 3,122 views

Parividha das: All my comedies, dramas and musicals (11 CD’s) are now available on one mp3.
You can listen to a song or scene of all of them on the Productions page of my website:

1) The Syamantaka Jewel Comedy
2) Sri Sakshi Gopala Drama
3) Transylvania Transcended Comedy
4) The Chess Match Drama
5) The Cobbler & The Brahmana Comedy
6) The Wrong Bank Account Comedy
7) The Boatman & The Scholar Comedy
8) The Test of Bhrigu Muni Drama
9) Café Concoctione Comedy
10) The Bird in the Cage Comedy
11) The Drowning Man Comedy
12) The Marriage of Samba Drama
13) The Genie in the Lamp Comedy
14) Govardhana Musical
15) Sudama Vipra Musical
16) Krsna Janma Musical
17) Princess Rukmini Musical
18) Dhruva Maharaja Musical


50 euros – 40 GB pounds – 79 US dollars – 80 Canadian dollars
82 Australian dollars – 104 New Sealand dollars

Hare Krishna.

Your servant,

Parividha das

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