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Get–involved with global varnasrama efforts

Tuesday, 22 July 2008 / Published in Appeals, Cow protection / 3,653 views

By Bharat Chandra Das

(This article is part of the Get-Involved efforts of GLOVESCO (Global Varnasrama Educational Social & Cultural Organization). Join GLOVESCO online Conference. For more details, write to or

We have to understand that it is within our reach to make possible a complete overhaul of the society that is most necessary and urgent for this ailing world of false economy, misappropriate resource consumption, ecological imbalance, agrarian crisis, water scarcity, health challenges and civil unrest.

The basic conclusion that must be arrived at are:

1. That Srila Prabhupada expected us to make the transition back to an agrarian based lifestyle, which is the standard and the more natural way to live Krisna consciousness for the vast majority of people, including most of our devotees. That is how I understand Srila Prabhupada’s urging us to introduce a complete “overhaul in society” as he has explained:

“Who is producing food grain? But they are known as vaisya. What kind of vaisya? There is no brahminical culture; there is no brain. There is no ksatriya who can give you protection. There are so many defects.
So if you want to remodel your life, the society, the human society, nationally or internationally—everything is spoken here, international—then you have to take to the advice of Krishna. This is the purpose of Krishna consciousness movement: wholesale, thorough, overhauling of the human society. We have not manufactured anything, concocted things. It is very scientific. If you actually want to fulfill the mission of your life, then you have to take to this advice of Bhagavad-g…t€, very scientific and spoken by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, without any defects.”
Compilations, VD: 4 Instructions of the Previous Acaryas

2. That Srila Prabhupada wanted us to introduce the varnasrama system primarily based in villages where one can factually learn to be self-sufficient (he clearly says ‘we don’t want cities’).

3. That Srila Prabhupada, while certainly wanting us to train people in Krishna consciousness everywhere, was not satisfied that we simply develop our congregations in the cities, but rather wanted our devotees and congregation to move out of the cities and relocate in a more natural, more sustainable environment which will facilitate our practice of Krishna consciousness.

Since Varnasrama Dharma is a vast, deep, complex and, at times, mind-boggling subject matter, those individuals who strongly desire to help implement varnasrama require a forum for communication (theoretical level) as well as avenues to make varnasrama become a reality of life (practical level). GLOVESCO Conference has been setup in in this regard and to join the ongoing discussions, kindly write to or
(Please note that one need NOT be a member of to subscribe to this conference)

There are innumerable opportunities for one and all to get-involved in the mission of Daivi Varnasrama (henceforth referred to as: Varnasrama) and there is a need to engage various individuals, at whatever level may be suitable for them and in whatever activity they may be inclined or qualified to perform.

To provide such opportunities to devotees having some affinity, interest and desire to help develop some particular aspect of Varnasrama Dharma, GLOVESCO has designed 15 service categories that one can take up in order to participate in fulfilling Srila Prabhupada’s unfulfilled mission.

The categories listed below provide an initial choice of possible engagements for interested persons (more can be added or amended). All such services are purely voluntary and should be performed essentially for the pleasure of the Lord and His devotees. More than one service category can be chosen also.

Each “Service Category” is described under the sub-divisions (whose full details can be downloaded from the website:
1. Definition, 2. Duties, 3. Qualifications and 4. Application.

Various ‘Service Categories’ are:
1. Consultants
2. Coordinators
3. Donors.
4. Editors
5. Farmers
6. Helpers
7. Instructors
8. Managers
9. Moderators
10. Monitors
11. Proof Readers
12. Researchers
13. Skilled Labor
14. Writers
15. Reporters

If you feel you can be part of this glorious mission and can take up any of the above services, or want to know more about the description of the above service categories, kindly write to us.

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