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New Raman Reti – Alachua – Eco Farm Update – Building a Small…

Friday, 13 April 2018 / Published in Recent Media / 582 views

New Raman Reti – Alachua – Eco Farm Update – Building a Small Log Cabin.
Mukhya devi dasi: Our latest project happening is building a small log cabin which might serve as a little shop to sell the crafts and output from our devotees and our farm. Akuti devi dasi has been directing many sustainable projects at the Eco Teaching Farm including building a cob oven, the new Vrinda Devi temple, a sustainable flourishing garden, our biogas digester, a chikki hut with a cow dung floor, and more! Future projects for the Eco Teaching Farm include building tiny houses for volunteers & for retreats, building bamboo trellises for the garden, using the back fields for growing our staple foods, collecting the cow urine for different uses, making herbal salves, making sustainable organic clothing made from banana trees, learning to become a totally sustainable and zero waste farm…well, the sky’s the limit!
The log cabin is in the process of being built right now using local trees like White Pine and Swamp Maple. We have had some volunteers come and stop in for a few hours to help out and we’d love to have more. If anyone is interested in volunteering or just stopping by to learn how to build a log cabin, feel free to come by! This project is somewhat experimental so we will be learning how to build this together as we go. Thus far we have Akuti devi dasi heading it up with help from: Kaliyapani das, Purana Rishi, James and Erin, Jaya Nitai and Steve Hunt.

We’ve cleared an area and measured up for the 10 x 10 cabin. The guys cut down and collected some White Pine & Swamp Maple trees. They measured 14 foot section of logs and put them on the trailer. It took about 3 or 4 guys to pick up one log, but strangely Akuti prabhu was able to carry one log by herself. The guys were a bit unsure about how they would feel pulling trees from in and around the swamp where the snakes hide, but they braved it and pulled the logs through. We’ve build tripods to hold logs as we peeled the bark back. Next we will let the logs dry for a few months. This week we are hoping to finish peeling all of the logs and next week we will be starting forms for the foundation by mixing and pouring the cement pillars. The week after that we are going to be working on making the framing for the wood floor and laying the logs. In four weeks we are going to start laying and saddle notching the logs. Anyone who is interested in learning how to build a log cabin is welcome to come to our workshops. Our volunteer hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. If anyone is interested in donating any materials for any of our sustainable projects, it would be much appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has helped with our sustainable projects and with The Eco Teaching Farm! Stay tuned for more of projects.

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