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Janmastami Flyers – Sankirtana Pura Dhama – For: Aug 24th, 2008

Monday, 28 July 2008 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 3,245 views

Citraketu dasa: Hare Krsna!

I am sharing this information with the public. I was given some flyers at the New Orleans Hare Krsna Center in New Orleans. They are having a Janmastami Celebration again this year. As many know they have been having open door celebrations at least every Sunday since 1975. These celebrations are very colorful and devotional. They also distribute great quantities of their transcendental Vegetarian Love Feast they call “Prasadam” or “Mercy”. All are invited! Please download the flyers for more information. I will attempt to post some of these flyers around New Orleans. You may want to consult with the Prabhus at New Orleans ISKCON for more copies for distribution.

ys C dasa

Here is download web site.

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