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Divine Change Agent

Monday, 28 July 2008 / Published in Karnamrita dasa, Poetry / 2,837 views

Karnamrita das:
A snap shot or picture
I share, where I often dwell
contemplating this life
and my real spiritual nature.

We are all so complex
if we really dig deep
beyond superficial lies
parts of many births color us.

My heart beats, feeling
just because I live, yearning
amidst objects and things, temporal,
a diamond cage, veils my soul.

The body means projecting
our desires, our “my”s
onto our made up “I”s
the egos’ delight, but souls’ plight.

Thank God, the Holy Name unraveling
illusory desires, giving a higher taste,
still, my life is swirling, between
these planes and subtle dimensions.

Our souls’ nature is to serve,
but to who or what, the question is–
our senses, heart, mind? or the Lord
of Love, Flute playing Krishna?–our choice.

O Krishna, Krishna, will you save
me from myself by allowing,
my real self—who is yours,
to emerge from so many layers?

Sitting in the store, feeling
the music, thinking of you amidst
the glamor of jewels, delicious smells
delightful colors, all religious traditions.

I’m a tiny giver, yet who
can I really help?–at least myself?
some only partially, others repelled,
though I pray for them.

Every moment an opportunity
to give, share and love more–
regardless of our occupation
we can be a Divine change agent.

Spiritual life is about change,
shedding the temporary skin idea,
remembering who we truly are,
and giving that out, like a light.

To the degree our soul is
uncovered, selfishness lost,
the Lord the goal of our heart
we can be helpful to our self and others.

Tomorrow begins and is created
by today, and so many “todays” make up
the months and years of life–
then death brings our final exam.

And so I live and choose, ‘cus each day’s
all we have, and I may die today or tomorrow;
what is valuable?–to love and serve
Krishna more today then yesterday.

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