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Free simple video-conference for all

Tuesday, 05 August 2008 / Published in Citraka dasa, Technical goodies / 3,321 views

By Citraka dasa

By copying and pasting the code from here and changing only the name of the room (where it says: param name=’flashvars’ value=’room=blogroom’> and embed flashvars=’room=blogroom’ replace the word blogroom with anything you like) you instantly have an audio-video-texting chat room anywhere you want on your website.

MiniMe can handle 4 people in your room, but will generate an unlimited number of sub-rooms automatically if there are more people present.

But for those who have not a website just go here write one word – the name of your room – click connect and you are ready to go! You can also record your chat. Up to 16 people can partecipate simultaneously.

More help and instructions can be found here

Below is a working example of a personal webconference facility

My Daughter, My Teacher
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