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Bhakti Purusottama Swami visits Seoul

Friday, 19 September 2008 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 3,166 views

Iskcon Korea: His Holiness B. P. Swami (GBC& Co-Director, Mayapur) visited Seoul, South Korea for Thanksgiving Day break here from Sep 13-15. Maharaj came here in succession for the past 2 years; generally he visits one day at mausk center which is 2 hours drive from Seoul that caters needs of 30 devotees, lectures are given there in Bengali.

On Sunday Sep 14th there was whole day program at Sri Radha Krishna Mandir at Pocheon which is a 3 hours drive from Seoul here also lecture are given in Bengali .Mahraj arrived in Seoul on Sep 10th and he was in Seoul till 12th and again he came on Sep 15th Special program where the lecture was given in English around 200 devotees attended from various parts of world Korea, China, Malaysia, Morrroco, Usa, Uk, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, SriLanka, Singapore, South Africa.

Although Seoul center is opened just 2 months it was very popular being ion heart of city where foreigners stay and a Vedic marriage was also conducted there with in 2 weeks of opening for Sri Krishna Janmasatami about 500 devotees attended the whole day event until Maha Aarathi.

Following is the experience from a devotee On 15th Seoul center Sri Radha Shyamasundar mandir.

“It was on Monday afternoon (15th September 2008), that we visited the temple for the visit of Purshotam Maharajah (GBC& Co-Director, Mayapur). The temple premise reflected such an austere feeling from within, and it also helped us to settle down soon. The Radha Krisha idols were decorated with white garments, and they at that moment grabbed all our attention, so beautiful so pious! Even words fail sometimes to describe such moments of beauty.

Soon Purshottam Maharajah reached the temple, and we started with Aarti and Satsang. The Hare Krishna chanting touched our souls, alleviating our spirit and minds to a sublimal level of devotion, love and happiness. Which after a spell broke in rhythmic dance, of graceful steps and so much of radiance and energy it generated. It led one to imagine, how in Brindawan what Krishna ‘s devotees would have experienced on seeing him, doing the divine dance with Him ! what enchantment what joy!

Than Purshotam Maharajah, gave a very important and relevant talk on “What is Karma yoga, and how to get into the Karma yoga mode of life. He reinforced the fact that all our actions should be dedicated for a higher cause, and that we are just the facilitators. He also talked about Bhakti yoga, and how to experience Bhaji. He stressed also on an important act that God only need simple things from a devotee, flowers, fruits, leaves and water, and most important of all a devotional heart.

We wanted to listen forever, all these words of wisdom, which are relevant even in the material existence. Soon a delicious Prasadam followed. And after that we left the temple, still hearing faint sounds of Radhe Krishna chanting, with the sounds of cymbals echoing, and most of all a desire to renew this experience again.”

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