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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Failure Is The Pillar Of Success—after Slipping, Again, Rise Up!

Saturday, 28 July 2018 / Published in Blog thoughts / 612 views

Karnamrita Das: As I was about to embrace illusion,
yet again, the kind Lord revealed a vision:

On the road to me (Krishna)
failure is the pillar of success.
Why? Because you are on the path!
You have once seen
the error and terror of your worldly ways,
calling out to me for help
while drowning in miseries.

I heard you (remember?),
and I gladly threw you a rope.
Your acceptance of it greatly pleased me!
Once you begin this spiritual quest
and grab that rope of grace,
it is forever yours.

No matter what reason caused you to start out,
you can’t get off the path
back to me, which is your only hope.
This path is permanently
part of you; you will never be the same.
Know this as my mercy!

Before, you thought you were fine!
Now again, you’re back on your feet
with new opportunities. Nonsense!
That’s a lie! You are meant to be with me!
Don’t you remember,
I am the love of your life,
the Soul of your soul?

You thought you could return
to your old life of enjoyment?
Ha! You think I would let you?
You think I would allow you to forget me
yet again in your sensual stupidity
after countless lifetimes of ignorance?
You think I would allow you to forget
you are mine and I am yours eternally?

After tasting the holy name’s nectar
through service to my devotees,
nothing can ever compare
to the spiritual happiness you’ve savored.
Imperfect as you are, I have accepted you,
and my will never goes in vain.

You knew me as the goal!
But you stubbornly tried to forget.
Haven’t you learned yet—
the senses are paths to death!
Really! Haven’t you had enough?
Do you have to try yet again
the road of temptation?
Instead, take the road of redemption!

Can I tell you honestly?
If I do, will you accept me fully
as your friend and well-wisher?
I love you, now and always!
So forget the past!
I don’t care about it.
Now only look toward your ideal:
union with me in eternal love.

Remember I am with you
birth after birth.
Though you have ignored me,
I will never give up on you,
even as you try in vain to enjoy
gross matter by repeatedly chewing
already chewed stalks of sugarcane.

I try to guide you.
If only you would listen,
turning just once toward me.
How long can we continue
down the path of the senses, the path
of countless varieties of species
with only slight differences? It’s hope
against hope. You obstinately forget
that what you seek through your senses is me!

Pick yourself up, sleeping soul!
Rise up to my light!
I am here to help you!
I have sent my devotee to you
to train you to take my shelter,
to keep you on the path
where you’ll finally gain the strength
and determination to come to me.

Don’t ever be discouraged,
though you stumble and fall.
As long as you keep trying,
struggling to get up,
you will eventually remain
standing up strong, yet humble.
Don’t accept defeat!
Don’t give up, no matter what!

This time, your efforts
will be crowned with success.
Keep chanting and praying.
Study the scriptures.
Keep company with saints.
This time you will make it.
I have faith in you—
my devotee, have faith in me!

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