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Will Artificial Intelligence take over the world? What are the…

Tuesday, 07 August 2018 / Published in Recent Media / 387 views

Will Artificial Intelligence take over the world?
What are the long-term threats to society posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Will they come to dominate us? But, even before that, can we allow them to make life-and-death decisions? What does it mean to augment humans beyond natural physical and mental limits? These were the questions posed by a multi-faith consultancy event: Faith and AI organised at the St George’s Centre at Windsor Castle. Faith representatives, including Akhandadhi das, met with Gila Sacks, the government’s Director for Digital and Tech Policy along with other top academics in the field of AI. The aim was to consider the implications of the growing use of AI in many decisionmaking aspects of our lives. Some of these seemed alarming, and the group suggested that we may not be developing our policies of ethics quickly enough to keep pace therewith. Many of the participants had fascinating insights, and it is hoped that in follow-up sessions a broad understanding of the unique nature of what we call human consciousness can be formulated.

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