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Kazakhstan saga is nearing an unfavorable conclusion

Sunday, 12 October 2008 / Published in Announcements, BB Govinda Swami / 6,390 views

By BB Govinda Swami

Dear All,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We have continued our efforts in Kazakhstan and it seems that the saga is nearing an unfavorable conclusion.

In 2001 the Kazakh government issued a decree that our temple building and barn were suitable for usage. This summer they annulled that decree.

Now they have called our members to court. The case will focus on the “demolition of illegal building and forced eviction from the property.”

As a final effort we have started a letter campaign to the President of Kazakhstan. We did this in the beginning of the crisis and we are still on the property four years later.

We are humbly requesting you to take a moment to fax this letter to two offices of the Kazakhstan government:

1. To the Kazakhstan Embassy in London.


2. To the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan, Mr. NA Nazarbayev


I was just in Warsaw at the OSCE meeting. Kazakhstan is presently under strong international criticism for their failure at democratic reform in light of their 2010 Chairmanship of OSCE. Our issue was consistently raised by the United States, the Holy See (Vatican), and numerous respected human rights organizations.

In the midst of international criticism there is a ray of hope that if protest reaches Kazakhstan at this moment the government may act differently in this issue.

Thank you very much for taking a moment to help and for the support you have all given us during this crisis.

Your servant,

BB Govinda Swami


October 12, 2008

Dear President Nazarbayev,

We would like to acknowledge your leadership of the great nation of Kazakhstan since independence. Your country has become a place of inter-ethnic peace and religious tolerance.

We find it troubling that in your nation the Krishna Religion has faced many difficulties.

Presently, the Karasai District Court of Almaty Province is initiating court procedures that will result in the demolition of the only Krishna Religion temple in the nation of Kazakhstan.

If this demolition takes place it will be a blemish on the face of your beautiful nation.

We are requesting Your Excellency to uphold the dignity of your nation by ordering the closure of the current legal procedures.

We also request that the various departments of your government will work fairly to establish an equitable resolve to this crisis.

We thank you for your consideration.

With respect,


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    Praghosa ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    Dandavats would like to urge ALL of its readers to print out the letter, sign it and then fax it to their nearest Kazak embassy as well as the Kazak president Mr. Nazarbayev.

    The more of us that send the fax, the more chance there is that the course of action being planned by the Kazak authorities might be reversed.

    Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,

    Praghosa dasa

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    vibhavakrsna das ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hare Krsna Devotees,

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    We need to have an immediate action and definitely our faxes and emails in large numbers can definitely have an impact here. Please fax it your local kazakh embassy also as Pragosh Prabhu has already written. Just in case you dont have the info i am attaching herein a list of Kazakh embassies which may be of some help to you.

    Country Address Contacts
    Algeria — Ambassador with residence in Cairo see Egypt

    Australia — Consulate (Sydney) 144 Clyde Street

    North Bondi, Sydney
    NSW 2026 Australia phone:(612)9365-3011,

    Austria — Embassy (Vienna)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to the UN Office and other international organizations in Vienna) Felix Mottlstrasse 23
    A-1190 Wien Austria phone: (431)367-91-750
    fax: 367-91-7433

    Azerbaijan — Embassy (Baku) Baku, Inglab street 889/82 phone: (99412)90-62-48
    fax: 90-62-49

    Bahrain — Ambassador with residence in Riyadh see Saudi Arabia

    Belgium — Embassy (Brussels)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Luxembourg, Netherlands and international organizations in Brussels) Avenue van Bever, 30
    1180, Bruxelles
    Belgium phone: (322)374-95-62
    fax: 374-50-91

    Belarus — Embassy (Minsk) Minsk,
    Kuibysheva, 12
    2200029 phone: (375172)34-99-37
    fax: 34-96-50

    Bulgaria — Ambassador with residence in Budapest see Hungary

    Canada — Ambassador with residence in Washington D.C. see United States
    Canada — Consulate (Toronto) 372 Bay Str. Suite 408, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2W9 phone: (1416)593-40-43
    fax: 593-40-37

    China — Embassy (Beijing)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Mongolia) N9, Dong 6 Road, San Li Tun,
    Beijing, China
    100600 PRC phone: (8610)6532-6182,
    fax: 6532-6183
    China — Passport&Visa Servise (Urumqi) 31, Kunming road,
    Urumqi, China
    830011 phone: (86991)381-57-96,
    fax: 382-1203

    Cuba — Ambassador with residence in New York see United Nations Organization

    Czech Republic — Mission (Prague) Ambassador with residence in Budapest Fetrovska 15,
    16000 Praha 6 phone: (4202)311-45-96
    fax: 311-21-24

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    vibhavakrsna das ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Egypt — Embassy (Cairo) (Ambassador cross-accredited to Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan,
    Syrian Arab Rep., Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Algeria) 73, 15th Street , Maadi,

    Cairo, Egypt phone/fax: (202)-359-84-21

    France — Embassy (Paris) and delegation to the UNESCO 59, rue Pierre Charron
    75008 Paris phone: (331)4561-52-00
    fax: 4561-52-01

    Finland — Ambassador with residence in Moscow see Russia

    Germany — Embassy (Berlin) Nordenstrasse 14-17,
    D-13156 Berlin phone: (4930)470-07-111,
    fax: 470-07-125

    Germany — Consulate General (Frankfurt) Untermainkai 44,
    60329 Frankfurt/M BRD phone: (4969)971-4670,
    fax: 97146818

    Germany — Consulate (Dusseldorf) BRD, Morserstrabe 57,
    40667 Meerbusch phone (492132)931-640,
    fax: 931-642

    Germany — Consulate (Hannover) 30171 Hannover,
    Sallstrasse 64A phone: (49511)301-868-80,
    fax: 301-868-88

    Greece — Consulate (Athens) 8, Zalokosta str.,10671
    Athens, Greece phone: (301)361-66-87,
    fax: 361-66-89

    Hungary — Embassy (Budapest)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia) 1025, Budapest,
    Kapy u. 59 phone: (361)275-13-00,
    fax: 275-20-92

    India — Embassy (New Delhi) 4, Olof Palme Marg, Vasant Vihar,
    New Delhi 110057 phone: (9111)614-4779,
    fax: 6144778

    Iran — Embassy (Tehran) Tehran, Darrus,
    Hedayat st., Masjed 1, N4 phone: (9821)256-59-33,
    fax: 256-64-00

    Irish Republic — Ambassador with residence in London see United Kingdom

    Israel — Embassy (Tel-Aviv) 185, Hayarhon Str.
    Tel-Aviv 63453, Israel phone: (9723)523-67-76,
    fax: 523-90-45

    Italy — Embassy (Rome) (Ambassador cross-accredited to Greece and Malta) Piazza Farneze 101,
    186 – Roma, Italia phone: (3906)6880-8640,
    fax: 6889-1360

    Japan — Embassy (Tokyo) 9-8 Himonya 5-chome,
    Tokyo 152-003, Japan phone: (813)3791-5273
    fax: 3791-5279

    Jordan — Ambassador with residence in Cairo see Egypt

    Korea, Republic of — Embassy (Seoul) 32-15 Nonhyun-dong
    Kangnam-Ku, Seul,
    Republic of Korea phone: (822)548-14-15,
    fax: 548-14-16

    Kyrgyzstan — Embassy (Bishkek) Bishkek,
    Togolok Moldo street, 10 phone: (996312)66-04-15
    fax: 22-54-63

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    vibhavakrsna das ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Kuwait — Ambassador with residence in Riyadh see Saudi Arabia

    Libyan Arab Jamahiriya — Ambassador with residence in Cairo see Egypt
    Lithuania — Embassy (Vilnius)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Latvia and Estonia) LT 2009, Vilnius,
    Akmeny str.7 phone: (3702)22-21-23
    fax: 31-35-80

    Malaysia — Embassy (Kuala Lumpur) 116, Jalan Damai,
    Kuala-Lunpur 55000 Malaysia phone: (603)248-41-44
    fax: 248-85-53

    Kuwait — Ambassador with residence in Riyadh see Saudi Arabia
    Libyan Arab Jamahiriya — Ambassador with residence in Cairo see Egypt
    Lithuania — Embassy (Vilnius)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Latvia and Estonia) LT 2009, Vilnius,
    Akmeny str.7 phone: (3702)22-21-23
    fax: 31-35-80
    Malaysia — Embassy (Kuala Lumpur) 116, Jalan Damai,
    Kuala-Lunpur 55000 Malaysia phone: (603)248-41-44
    fax: 248-85-53

    Malta — Ambassador with residence in Roma see Italy
    Marocco — Ambassador with residence in Cairo see Egypt
    Mexico — Ambassador with residence in Washington D.C. see United States
    Moldova — Ambassador with residence in Kiev see Ukraine

    Mongolia — Mission (Ulan-Bator)
    Ambassador with residence in Beijing Ulan-Bator,
    6 mcr, N 95 phone: (9761)312240
    fax: 312204

    Norway — Ambassador with residence in London see United Kingdom
    Oman — Ambassador with residence in Riadh see Saudi Arabia

    Pakistan — Embassy (Islamabad) House N2, Street N4
    F-8/3 Islamabad phone: (9251)226-2807,
    fax: 226-2806

    Pakistan — Consulate-General (Meshed) phone: (9851)71-61-67,
    fax: 762-55-90
    Pakistan — Consulate (Karachi) Plot 6/3, Street 27,
    Phase 5 Extention phone: (9221)583-84-20,
    fax: 583-84-18

    Poland — Embassy (Warsaw) lok 18, ul.Staroseinska 1, 02-516
    Warszawa, Poland phone: (4822)849-42-30,
    fax: 646-0705
    Russia — Embassy (Moscow)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Finland) Russia, Moscow,
    Chistoprudny bulvar, 3-a phone: (7095)208-98-52,
    fax: 208-26-50

    Saudi Arabia — Embassy (Riyadh)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, UAE) Riadh 11693
    P.O. Box 94012 phone: (9661)454-86-60,
    fax: 454-77-81

    Spain — Embassy (Madrid) C/cascanucces, 25
    Parque Conde de Orgaz,
    28043 Madrid phone: (3491)721-6290,
    fax: 721-9374
    Sweden — Ambassador with residence in London see United Kingdom
    Switzerland — Embassy (Bern

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    vibhavakrsna das ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Switzerland — Embassy (Bern) Alleweg 15, CH-3006, Bern phone: (4131)351-7969,
    fax: 351-7975
    Switzerland — Mission to the United Nations’ Office in Europe (Geneve) Chemin de Prunier 10,
    1218 Grand-Saconne Geneve phone: (4122)788-66-00,
    fax: 788-66-02

    Syrian Arab Republic — Ambassador with residence in Cairo see Egypt

    Tajikistan — Mission (Dushanbe)
    Ambassador with residence in Tashkent phone: (992372)27-18-38,
    fax: 21-89-40

    Thailand — Mission (Bangkok) JTC Building, 919/501 Silom Road, 43rd Floor, Suite 4301
    Bangkok 10500 phone: (662)433-9330,
    fax: 433-4253

    Tunisia — Ambassador with residence in Cairo see Egypt
    Turkey — Embassy (Ankara) Turliye Ankara/ Cankaya 06680
    Elbuzyia Tevfik Sokak, 6 phone: (90312)441-23-01
    fax: 441-23-03

    Turkey — Consulate (Istanbul) Sahil Caddesi, No. 3/1,
    Istanbul, Turkey phone: (90212)662-5347,
    fax 662-5349

    Turkmenistan — Embassy (Ashgabad) Ashgabat,
    Gerogly street, 14, 3 floor phone: (99312)39-55-48,
    fax: 39-59-32

    Ukraine — Embassy (Kiev)
    Ambassador cross-accredited to Moldova Melnikova str. 26
    252010 Kiev phone/fax: (38044)-213-1198

    United Arab Emirates — (Dubai)
    Ambassador with residence in Riyadh Consulate PO Box 14180,
    Dubai UAE phone: (9714)224-24-62,
    fax: 224-24-82

    United Kingdom — Embassy (London)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Irish Republic, Norway, Sweden) 33 Thurloe Square
    London SW7 2SD UK phone: (44207)581-4646,
    fax: 584-8481

    United Nations Organization — Permanent Mission
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Cuba) 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 586
    New York, NY 10017 phone: (1212)230-19-00,
    fax: 230-1172

    United States of America — Embassy (Washington D.C.)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Canada, Mexico) 1401 16th Street, N.W.
    Washington DC. 20036 phone: (1202)232-54-88
    fax: 232-58-45

    United States of America — Consulate (New York) 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 586A
    New York, NY 10017 phone: (1212)888-30-24,
    fax: 888-30-25

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    vibhavakrsna das ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Uzbekistan — Embassy (Tashkent)
    (Ambassador cross-accredited to Tajikistan) 700015 Uzbekistan
    Chekhov street, 23 phone: (99871)152-16-54
    fax: 152-16-50
    Vietnam — Ambassador with residence in Beijing see China

    Obviously more important is that we send the faxes to the above numbers first given by HH BB Goving Swami Maharaj and it would be nice if you fax or email it to your local kazakh embassy. The data is generated through internet and may not be updated incase it doesnt work.

    Thank you very very much.

    your servant,
    vibhava krsna das.

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    Administrator ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    FORUM 18 NEWS SERVICE, Oslo, Norway

    The right to believe, to worship and witness The right to change one’s belief or religion The right to join together and express one’s belief


    Friday 10 October 2008


    By Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service <

    Kazakhstan’s only Hare Krishna temple – located at what remains of their commune near the country’s commercial capital Almaty – could be about to be demolished. Karasai Akimat (administration) has brought a case to seize the buildings on their farm – which include the temple – and demolish them. The case is due to be heard by Judge Taken Shakirov at Karasai District Court on 13 October, the judge’s secretary Aysara Uglanova confirmed to Forum 18 News Service on 10 October. “We are now almost at the final point,” Maksim Varfolomeev of the Hare Krishna community told Forum 18 from Almaty on 9 October. “They’ll prove that the buildings that still belong to us – including our temple – are illegal, they’ll seize them and demolish them. Then they’ll have the whole property.”

    In a separate court case, Andrey Blok, a Baptist in Akmola Region, faces criminal trial for leading his unregistered congregation in the town of Esile. The trial had been due to begin at Esile Town Criminal Court on 9 October. However, Blok’s family told Forum 18 that the hearing was postponed until 14 October. Blok faces criminal charges under Article 362 part 1 of the Criminal Code, which punishes “malicious non-execution of a court judgment or court decision” with a fine, compulsory labour or up to four months’ imprisonment

    The local authorities have long been determined to destroy the Sri Vrindavan Dham Hare Krishna commune. Amid an international outcry, the authorities bulldozed 26 of the original 66 homes owned by devotees in November 2006 and June 2007. The court also stripped the commune of ownership of the separate 47.7-hectare (118 acre) farm. Since then, officials have continued to disrupt worship at the site. In negotiations with the central government, the Hare Krishna community has been offered alternative sites, but all have been further from Almaty and unable to sustain any agriculture

    Yedil Kaliev, the Karasai District’s Deputy Akim on Ideological Issues, denied to Forum 18 on 10 October that land offered to Hare Krishna next to a rubbish dump was unsuitable for farming. “It is a beautiful piece of land,” he claimed. The commune many times turned down offers of land to them in several places, Kaliev argued. “Why can’t they take the land we offer and build a real nice big temple there?” he asked.

    Varfolomeev told Forum 18 that only 11 houses owned by individual commune members remain. After the house demolitions, some of the other owners sold their houses. The latest legal case concerns the former farmhouse – where the temple, community office and accommodation for several monks are located – as well as the barn and several smaller structures on the site. Varfolomeev stresses that the temple remains the valid registered legal address for the religious community, and fears that the community could be stripped of registration if the address is demolished. Kazkh officials often insist – wrongly – that unregistered religious activity is illegal.

    Uglanova from Karasai District Court insisted to Forum 18 that the Hare Krishna commune did not own any buildings on the farm. “The case is about whether or not to demolish the buildings on the farm,” she said. Told that one of the buildings is the only Hare Krishna temple in Kazakhstan, Uglanova responded: “Now only the President of the country could stop the process of demolition. Let them write to the President,” she advised.

    Kayrat Tulesov, the Deputy Chairman of the Justice Ministry’s Religious Affairs Committee, categorically refused to discuss the Hare Krishna buildings. “Send us a letter, and we will answer you,” he told Forum 18 on
    10 October from the capital Astana, and hung up the phone.

    Kaliev from the Karasai District Akimat insisted that the building the Hare Krishna community has been using as a temple is not a temple but a former agricultural facility. “They just added 12 square meters of additional room to the building,” he told Forum 18. Asked to whom the property belonged now, Kaliev said that the land was given to a children’s home, Boarding School number 1. The children’s home has not been able to use the land because the Hare Krishna commune has not moved out so far, he complained. The authorities suddenly began making this claim in late 2007

    Varfolomeev of the Hare Krishna community rejected Kaliev’s argument, saying that the decision to rent the land to the children’s home was made more than a year ago. The commune is located on only one plot of land out of the total 47 hectares that used to belong to the commune, he said. “Two separate plots of land around 15 hectares each in very good condition for farming have been free for all this time,” Varfolomeev pointed out. “And no one has cultivated them ever since. If the children’s home is in such desperate need of the land, why are they not using the free plots of land?”

    Kaliev could not explain to Forum 18 why, if the children’s home owns the land, they are not bringing the case instead of Karasai Akimat.

    Varfolomeev insists that the whole legal case to seize their property has no basis. “We had proper ownership. But they’ve used the whole administrative machine and the courts against us.” He maintains that while the campaign against the commune had begun as a “land-grab”, it soon took on a religious colouring.

    Referring to ongoing encouragement by the authorities of religious intolerance against minorities , Varfolomeev said that “the media campaign is designed to inspire the Kazakh nation to hate not just us but all religious minorities, what they call ‘non-traditional’ faiths.” He expressed concern that “this constant repetition gradually affects the thinking of ordinary people.”

    Varfolomeev also complained of the authorities bussing people from outside the area in, to be filmed for Kazakh TV as “neighbours” demonstrating for the demolition of Hare Krishna devotee’s homes. “These people had no relation to the area. We have good relations with the neighbours in the village,” he noted.

    New restrictions on freedom of thought, conscience and belief have passed the Majilis (the lower chamber of parliament) (see F18News 29 September
    2008 < article_id=1194). However, it still remains totally unclear both what restrictions will be put to the Senate (the upper chamber) before being sent for signature by President Nursultan Nazarbaev, and also what timescale the government plans for these changes.

    Unsubstantiated claims have been made by Kazakh officials that the registration process for communities has been made simpler. However, these claims – made to an Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
    (OSCE) human rights conference, the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
    – have been contradicted both by the experience of local religious communities and officials directly responsible (END)

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    Is there any information about the Kazakstan embassy in ,Denmark ,Sweden, Norway and Finland?Could any devotee provide it, I mentioned it to devotees in Denmark.But I do not have the information where they can send the fax
    Payonidhi das

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    Hari Bol ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hare Krishna !

    I just sent 2 fascimiles to the numbers provided. I am so happy after that. May Krishna have mercy and stay in Kazaksthan. Please Krishna don’t go from Kazakhastan! You are all powerful and you will certainly stay with your devotees!

    Hari HariBol


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