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Comfortable corner house in Karuna Bhavan to let

Sunday, 12 October 2008 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 5,760 views

Prabhupada Prana:

To let in the Scottish devotee community of ‘Karuna Bhavan’, a nice comfortable corner house consisting of:

* hall way
* living room
* diningroom/kitchen
* utility room
* 2 bed rooms
* box room (baby room, office or storage)
* bathroom
* gas CH
* alarm
* sunny front and back garden
* garage with driveway
* garden shed

The temple itself is the residence of Their Lordships Sri Sri Khodanitai-Mayapura sashi, Sri Giridarilala, Srimate Vrndadevi, Sri Tulasinath with the 12000 saligrams and glass houses full of tulasis. There are approximately 30 devotees living here, most of which would be your neighbours. We have approx 8 acres of land which we have plans to cultivate.

Lesmahagow (postcode ML11200ES) is located in the countryside, 30 min drive south Glasgow, 60 min from Edinburgh and 45 min from Glasgow International and Prestwick airports. The village itself offers a doctors surgery, dentist and pharmacist. Primary and secondary schools are locally available. There are shops that cover all your daily needs, with the ‘bigger’ ones available in Hamilton or Lanark on 20 min drive. There is a bus connection to the national bus and train network. Rent £400 pcm, plus deposit.

For further information please contact the temple president, Prabhupada Prana Prabhu on:

* office: 01555-894790
* mobile: 07999110336
* email:


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    Akruranatha ( User Karma: -11 ) says:

    There used to be a temple in San Francisco on Carl Street near Cole (upper Haight-Ashbury neighborhood) with beautiful, medium sized Gaura-Nitai deities. When the temple was closed down and consolidated with Berkeley temple, I heard that Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai had gone to give Their blessings somewhere in Scotland.

    I am wondering, is this Khodanitai-Mayapur Sashi the same Gaura-Nitai who used to reside in San Francisco? Could you post photos of Them?

    [Honestly, if it is the same Gaura-Nitai, I am tempted to move to Lesmahagow, Scotland, to be close to those Deities!] :-)

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    patita pavana ramdas ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    hare krishna akruranatha prabhu!Sorry we took so long to reply.Yes our worshipable deities sri sri khoda nitai – mayapur sasi are indeed the same gaura nitai who moved from san fransisco to give us their mercy in 1996.They were repainted by mother tara lakshi from hungary and look even more beautiful now.I’m not sure how to get pictures on the comments but we will be glad to post some here if someone tells us how!
    We would be delighted to see you here sometime prabhu either to stay or visit.
    Gouranga,Hare Krishna!
    your servant
    ramananda das

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    Akruranatha ( User Karma: -11 ) says:

    I do not know how it will be possible for me to come to Scotland, but somehow or other I am feeling an intense desire to come and visit Sri Sri Khoda Nitai-Mayapur Sasi.

    After spending a long time in college and law school without very much good devotional practice or association, I took some time off from work in 1991 and began chanting my rounds first thing in the morning on long walks, and then studying Srila Prabhupada’s books in San Francisco’s coffee shops. (No, I didn’t have the coffee! I had steamed milk or herbal tea) :-)

    As the weather got colder, I moved from chanting on Ocean Beach to chanting in the Arboretum, and eventually I began attending full morning program at the Carl Street temple, which in those days was managed by the San Francisco BI.

    What a wonderful sanga that was, with all the BI devotees and Sri Sri Khoda Nitai-Mayapur Sasi beaming down at us. They used to leave the curtains open during Bhagavatam class, and we really felt that Gaura-Nitai were participating in the classes, like two more attendees, happily presiding over all the discussions.

    Recently I was able to make some arrangement to visit Sri Sri Radha-Damodar in Gita Nagari, although that was somewhat off the beaten path for me. I am really glad I was able to get Their darshan.

    Now my new ambition is to visit Gaura-Nitai in Scotland. I have never been to Scotland. Now I have a very good reason to go. They are very special, merciful Deities.

    It seems that going to see the different Deities and devotees around the world is the perfection of the traveling propensity. And you never know. I just might come to stay…

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