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Atheists Blinded by Blades of Grass

Wednesday, 15 October 2008 / Published in Blog thoughts / 3,004 views

Bhakta Piyush: Hare Krishna, PAMHO, AGTSP

Many years ago scientists were challenged to create life in the lab, recently there was a claim that they had created life but in fact they had simply rearranged existing life forms. While preaching at the University of Central Florida, I met two students on the same day and proposed the following challenge; that, at this vast university, they reproduce a single blade of grass, even if a detached specimen from the main plant body. The first boy was receptive and understood that it would be a difficult task to create it with “identical form, structure, aroma and chemical composition” etc, even if the entire university engaged all its resources, the attempt may not even be successful. This is a GREAT endeavor for some apparently mundane accidental creation of inert matter. So the first boy agreed, it is indeed a masterpiece of creation and that such intelligence indicates that Krishna, God does exist as the master creator. Why do archaeologists, upon finding a single fragment of pottery, assume that somewhere existed a somewhat intellegent society in the annals of history?

The second boy an avowed atheist, from a group that preaches atheism as its religion approached me on his own accord as did the first. I asked him the same thing, his blind answer was that we cannot use these examples, but one day we will create life (I think I have heard this before, but need to check references;) Thus avoiding the challenge he went into his theory of how if someone just said the universe came from a teapot and everyone believed it for years, that would become religion.

Usually when challenges are met, higher ones are given, this one, unfortunately for atheists, has not been met so I am seriously considering lowering their challenge further to “Reproducing what comes out of a bulls or horses rear end.” But I guess they can’t even do that, can they? Even if they did, after so much effort, what is their credit, just as grass, it is existing in abundance already, in many different forms both physical and theoretical.


Bhakta Piyush

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