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Death and Redemption

Saturday, 18 October 2008 / Published in Poetry / 2,707 views

Krpakara dasa (ACBSP):


My Dear Lord why do you cover your secrets with care
Why O why can we not share

In chapters resplendent with knowledge so deep
All designed to wake us from our sleep

Over the ages Your message has come
Why O why is it only for some

Time and time I’ve struggled to see
Shattered and beaten devoid of glee

Surrender surrender you cry at last
Will it be at my last gasp

Kindly remove your mayarish mask
This my Lord I humbly ask

Death and Redemption

Years and years have past and gone
family friends and society now I mourn

I held them close in my heart so dear
but now Im left with only fear

They did love me that Im sure
but now Im lost for evermore

As the darkness closes round my heart
O how I pray real life I did not start

Years and years of fruitless toil
now Im laid amongst the soil

Perhaps my Lord by your mercy may
in this world again I may not stay


Blessed O guru dear of God
Cometh this dark place with your rod

Lifetimes of journey
Spent in yearning

Birth sickness old age and mourning
Yet not leaning

Opened our eyes with eternal respite
Worshipful guru has made right

* Significant words;
1. Respite – cessation of distress, interval of relief. The word is prefaced by eternal for emphasis

2. rod – symbol of office, authority or power. Also rod is used for chastisement.

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