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The pastimes of Sri Damodara

Saturday, 18 October 2008 / Published in Blog thoughts / 4,006 views

Payonidhi das:
There is a wonderful pastime of Krsna staling butter from Garga Samhita from the 1
canto chapter 17 of this book ,I like to share it as this is the month we meditate
on Krsna as the butterthief:

Chapter Seventeen

Description of the Yogurt Theft

Text 1

Sri Närada said: With Their pastimes the two handsome fair and dark boys, Krsna
and Balaräma, made Nanda\’s palace beautiful.

Text 2

O king of Mithilä, They crawled on Their hands and knees and soon They were
speaking sweet words in Vraja.

Text 3

Yasodä and Rohini fed, fondled and caressed the two boys. When did the boys
leave their laps? To whose lap did They go?

Text 4

Tinkling Their anklets and small bells, They enchanted the three worlds as They
went here and there. By the influence of Their Yogamäyä potency They manifested the
forms of two small boys.

Text 5

When her son\’s limbs were dark, anointed with dust by playing in the courtyard
with the boys of Vraja, Yasodä took Him and bathed Him with great care.

Text 6

On His hands and knees crawling first to the courtyard and then to His mother\’s
lap, Krsna was like a lion cub splendidly playing in Vraja.

Text 7

Gazing at her son dressed in yellow garments decorated with gold and splendid
with a crown of jewels, Yasodä became happy.

Text 8

Forgetting their homes, leaving them behind and coming to King Nanda\’s cowherd
village, all the gopis gazed at the charming and playful child Mukunda and became
very happy.

Text 9

When infant Krsna saw the statue of a lion at the entrance to King Nanda\’s home,
He became frightened and began to cry. The gopis took Him inside and compassionately
spoke to Yasodä.

Text 10

The gopis said: O beautiful one, don\’t take this restless and playful boy
decorated with crows\’ feathers and the milk still in His mouth out of the courtyard
to play.

Text 11

O Yasodä, your son\’s two front teeth have now appeared. Now his maternal uncle
should perform a ceremony to ward off inauspiciousness, but your son has no maternal

Text 12

.Therefore, to destroy all obstacles you should give charity, chant Vedic
prayers, and worship the cows, brähmanas, demigods, and saintly devotees.

Text 13

Then, to bring auspiciousness to their sons, Yasodä and Rohini regularly gave
garments, jewels, and new grains in charity.

Text 14

. Now walking on their two feet among the gopas\’s homes, and their glances like
those of a lion\’s cub, Krsna and Balaräma grew in the village of Vraja.

Text 15

With the boys of Vraja, Their friends headed by Sridämä and Subala, They played
on the Yamunä\’s sandy shore.

Text 16

In the Yamunä\’s forests opulent with kadamba groves and sturdy black tamäla
trees, Krsna and Balaräma walked.

Text 17

.Delighting the gopas and gopés with His childhood pastimes, with His friends
Lord Hari stole butter and ghee.

Text 18

One day Prabhävati-gopi, who was Upananda\’s wife, came to Nanda\’s palace and
spoke to Yasodä.

Text 19

.Sri Prabhävati said: O Yasodä, for the two of us there is no separate property
in butter, ghee, milk, yogurt, and buttermilk. By your kindness yours is also

Text 20

I don\’t say you taught Him to steal. You didn\’t teach Him. Your son steals
butter on His own.

Text 21

When I try to give Him good instruction, Your arrogant son gives me bad words
and runs from my courtyard.

Text 22

He is the son of Vraja\’s king. He should not steal. O Yasodä, there are some
other things also that, out of respect for you, I have not told.

Text 23

Sri Närada said: After hearing Prabhävati\’s words, Yasodä, the wife of Nanda,
rebuked her son, and with great love gently spoke to Prabhävati.

Text 24

Sri Yasodä said: I have ten million cows. There is so much yogurt in the house I
cannot move. I do not know why my little boy never drinks any of the yogurt

Text 25

Bring this yogurt-thief to me. O Prabhävati, there is no difference between your
son and my son.

Text 26

You bring that boy here with butter in His mouth and I will give Him a lesson. I
will scold Him and tie Him up.

Text 27

Sri Närada Muni said: Hearing these words, the gopi became happy and went home.
Then one day Krsna went to her home to steal yogurt.

Text 28

Grasping it with one hand after another, Krsna and His boy friends gradually
scaled the outer wall and entered the courtyard.

Text 29

Seeing the yogurt was in a jug hanging on ropes beyond His hand\’s reach, by
arranging a footstool, a grinding mortar, and the gopa boys, Lord Hari climbed up to

Text 30

When even from that height the yogurt-jar hanging from ropes could not be
reached, Sridama and Subala hit the jar with sticks.

Text 31

As all the beautiful yogurt flowed from the broken jug to the ground, Krsna,
Subala, the boys, and some monkeys, all ate it.

Text 32

Hearing the sound of the jug breaking, the gopi Prabhävati came. As the boys
fled, she grabbed Lord Hari\’s beautiful hand.

note; Krsna is allowing Prabhavati to catch him

Text 33

As frightened Krsna shed false tears, she brought Him to Nanda\’s palace. Seeing
Nanda standing there, she covered Krsna\’s face with the edge of His garment.

Text 34

Lord Hari thought, \”My mother will hit Me with a stick.\” The Supreme
Personality of Godhead, who can do whatever He likes, then manifested the form of
Prabhävati\’s son.

Text 35

Yasodä quickly came. The angry gopi said, \”He broke a jug and stole all the
yogurt in it.\”

Text 36

Seeing Her son, Yasodä smiled and said to the gopi, “O gopi, take the edge of
the garment from His face and tell the mischief He has done.

note:seeing Prabhavatis own son instead of Krsna , Mother Yasoda is getting

Text 37

\”When it may be said my son has done mischief you may throw Him out of my
house. Your son did the theft you say my son did.\”

Text 38

Ashamed of what people might think, she took the cloth from His face. Seeing her
own son, she was surprised at heart and said:

Text 39

\”How did you come here without walking? I have the treasure of Vraja in my
hand!\” Saying this, and taking him with her, she left Nanda\’s palace.

note :Prabhavati Gopi is obviously confused how her own son was there ,when she
had actually brought Krsna with her.

Text 40

Yasodä, Rohini, Nanda, Balaräma, and the gopas and gopis laughed, saying, \”Today
we saw a great injustice in Vraja.\”

Text 41

On the path outside again becoming Nanda\’s son, the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, smiling, confident, and His eyes restless, spoke to the gopi

Text 42

The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: O gopi, if you capture Me again, I will
take the form of your husband. There is no doubt of it.

Text 43

O king of Mithilä, when she heard this, the astonished gopi went home. From then
on, in every home, impelled by fear of embarrassment, the gopis would not capture

note: Prabhavati Gopi must have spread the news of Krsna\’s trick to other
elderly Gopis thus from that point on no one would restrict His sweet lilas of
stealing butter.
Srila Prabhupada mentions in the Krsna book how full the boys are even critiquing
the butter and yogurt (being completely full of eating freshly churned butter and
youghurt.):\” This butter and yogurt is so useless see even the monkeys do not like
it\’ ( even the monkeys being complete full of eating this butter and yogurt)

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