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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

No more cry, give a mature try!

Monday, 03 September 2018 / Published in Blog thoughts / 816 views

Jaya Nityananda Dasa: Often we hear people complaining about something, showing frustration at something, getting disappointed with someone and at the very worst, committing suicide or killing others. In simple words we see ‘cries’ all around. This simply reflects their ignorance about the most fundamental aspects of life. Just as trying to repair a car without knowing its working structure will end up in only troubles, similarly, while responding to Life’s dynamics one has to have complete awareness of its fundamentals, otherwise such approach though well intended can lead one to insanity. Life is complex, and to be able to expertly deal with its complexities necessitates guidance from the one who has created it i.e., The Almighty Lord Krishna, the source of all sources. Sarva-karana-karanam (Sri Brahma-samhita). Through the medium of Guru(the spiritual master), Sadhu(saintly authorities) and Shastra(the Vedic scriptures) He has made a perfect arrangement for the conditioned souls to get enlightened about the ways of life and make it joyful or meaningful by developing love for Him. It is the safest path that had been traversed by many great saintly personalities in the past, and to hear how they could remain so equipoised even in provoking situations is still a mystery to many. Here are some insights from the teachings of Bhagavad gita that highlights some of the fundamental aspects of life such great devotees lived by.
(1) We are eternal spirit souls separate from temporary material bodies [Bhagavad gita 2.22] – If that’s the truth, then our priorities in life should be centered on us, meaning souls, and not the material bodies that we carry. This does not mean the material body should be neglected. For example, clothes are important as one need them to cover the body but, one cannot and certainly does not pay 24*7 attention to one’s clothes!
(2) However we may try, sensual pleasure can never make us happy [Bhagavad gita 5.22] – It’s the nature of the sensual pleasure that it causes an insatiable constant hankering for it. This, in turn, causes constant distress! An elephant’s hunger cannot be mitigated simply by eating one pound of grass a day, so a soul, who is a part and parcel of Lord Krishna cannot be made happy by giving him anything but, the opportunity to render loving unalloyed devotional service to Lord Krishna. Not only that, such sensual pleasure is available to dogs and hogs, cats and crows too! Why should an intelligent person work hard for something which is anyway available everywhere without much paying for it!
In Srila Prabhupada’s words…
…There were many politicians who planned empires, supremacy and control of the world, but in due time all their plans and empires—and even the politicians themselves—were vanquished.
…Our desires cannot be satisfied by illusory thoughts and plans; rather, we have to follow the instructions of Lord Krishna: sarva-dharmam parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja [Bg. 18.66]. Then we shall be happy. Otherwise, in the name of happiness, we shall continue to suffer miserable conditions. [SB 7.9.25, purport] (3) I am (a conditioned soul) dealing with many other diseased or conditioned souls [Bhagavad gita 15.7] – We often tend to forget that we are conditioned by so many Anarthas (unwanted dirty things accumulated in the heart since many births) so as many others. The source of all anarthas is kama or lust as delineated by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad gita 3.37-3.40 verses. It is reasonably expected that in course of our dealings with the world we may get disturbed by seeing others’ anarthas influence our devotional service or vice versa. However, it is unreasonable to expect ‘all good’ from everybody. Certainly, we should pray for it, however, it’s a bitter truth of this insane material world!
– Having said that, it’s ‘sensible co-operation’ and not complaints that help us remove our Anarthas or get the best out of us. On the contrary, many times complaints, if not handled carefully, infuriate those who we are asking solutions from and this in turn, causes an unhealthy atmosphere where many more complaints come up. To complaint does not require much energy as opposed to co-operate sensibly. By such kind co-operation we give chance to the fellow members or devotees to understand the real issue (that is to please Guru and Krishna) and can safely avoid the undesirable disintegration.
(4) Lord Krishna is our best friend and He is always with us in our heart to help us come to Him [Bhagavad gita 5.29, 10.11] – It is a great relief to have known this from Bhagavad gita. We are never alone. The all-powerful personality of Godhead is always with us to help us overcome our anarthas, the evils that cover our pure Krishna Consciousness.
(5) I am simply insignificant! [Bhagavad gita 7.14] – Let alone overcoming the influence of Maya, even to move my finger I am helped by the all-merciful personality of Godhead. How come I even think myself connected to the word ‘great’!
(6) Life is unsteady.
– Anytime I may have to quit this body. [kamala-dala-jala jivana tala-mala] To wait for some unrealistic moment in future to make life perfect or meaningful is just another sign of ignorance!
Analyzing the whole matter in light of the teachings of Bhagavad gita again and again, one is sure to find real solace in life’s challenges. A mature outlook at life is the key to bring peace and prosperity on an individual as well as on a broader level. Hope this finds you all in good health!

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