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Help and prayers

Thursday, 30 October 2008 / Published in Message Board / 2,881 views

Jayo das : Dear Vaisnavas, well wishers and friends: This is an update of my health and current situation at the end of October 2008. I’ve been unable to write for a long time due to poor vision and various other health concerns.

Last November 2007; I broke both of my legs in a severe nightfall. Jhis accident led to a coma, and a massive infection of my foot bone. I spent a four months period hospitalized, plus I went to an abusive nursing home for four days.
(Somehow I was able to remove myself from this terrible environment). I also faced end stage kidney failure. Then towards the end of Christmas, 2007, I had my left leg amputated, just bellow the knee. It was a very negative time and I nearly left this world on three occasions. I was forcibly removed from the hospital to my own home when my medical coverage was up. (I got rejected from over 30 nursing homes because of the previous episode.). I was forced to sink or swim.

Living with an amputation is a big challenge. It changes EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, on top of this, I spend most of my time in a wheelchair or in a bed at my Denver apartment The most difficult aspect of my situation is that I live by myself and really suffer from a lack of devotee/non-sudra association.

There is one other problem that I am hoping you can help me overcome I live up a hill from the street and the only time I am able to leave home is when I go out to medical appointments, or someone or two, rarely, helps me into a vehicle. (I can not freely leave on my own.) It would be nice to have ANY support from the Denver Temple.

A benevolent group of contractors have gained City approval to build a wheelchair ramp-labor donated-at my present residence that would enable me, an amputee, to gain access from my duplex I rent-which unfortunately sits on a 40 foot incline from the street. (Two large steps at my entryway further encumber (this). I would like to very humbly request your help to raise enough funds to construct a ramp to the street that will allow me more freedom and service. ( I have spent many, many, many hours over more than six months trying, unsuccessfully, to get it done The above contractors need $3,500 for the materials. A partial ramp could be constructed for about $1,008, or provide a way to move to a more accessible unit. That would allow a powerchair access to the grass.

I will be very grateful for any help that can be offered. Please make checks or money order out to Bhaktivedanta Institute, tax deductible, put Jayo in the message box.

Mail to: Jayo Solomon,
3211 Olive Street, Denver, CO. 80207 My sincere thanks to the devotee community for their previous and continued prayers, which have helped me in this most difficult period of my life. Hopefully, I will recover enough to be able to offer more service to Srila Prabhupada!

May Lord Nityananda bestow his mercy on all the assembled devotees!

Yours in service, Jayo das

P. S. I have been able to cope with my kidney disease and other medical problems This is a also cationary tale for devotees to secure a medical plan or qualify for medicare

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