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“I curse your children to become devotees of…

Monday, 10 September 2018 / Published in Recent Media / 462 views

“I curse your children to become devotees of Krishna!”
Urmila Devi Dasi: We met with people who had taken up Krishna consciousness in 1980-82 when all religion was illegal in the then Soviet Union. We heard this story from one woman:
Her husband came home one day when she was cooking meat, and said he had become vegetarian. When she asked if he would eat dinner she had already cooked for that day, and start vegetarianism tomorrow, he refused. Within a year, she started chanting Hare Krishna also. Her husband was put into prison for being a devotee, though his two and one-half year sentence got reduced to two years because of the pressure from devotees of Krishna in the US and Europe. In the jail was one other devotee, and they convinced four criminals to take up Krishna consciousness also, so altogether there were six devotees in that prison. On the day of celebrating the appearance of Lord Caitanya in the world, the wife was able to arrange (bribes??) to bring enough prasadam (vegetarian food offered to Krishna) to feed 2,000 prisoners. They all ate peacefully and at least for a while gave up their criminal demeanor.
While the husband was in jail, the government threatened to remove their children from the home because the mother was not feeding the children meat, and was “not training them according to Soviet culture.” The wife got permission in the court to speak and said, “Because you are threatening to take my children from me, I curse your children to become devotees of Krishna!” That curse scared the prosecutor, and he dropped the case. But six months later, his grown son did, indeed, join the Hare Krishna Movement and, even today, is one of the main leaders of the Movement in Russia.

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One Response to ““I curse your children to become devotees of…”

  1. Krsnananda das says :

    Your Grace, thank you for the story, but – being Co-ordinator of
    the project "The History of ISKCON USSR" – I've received more accurate version directly from the heroine – Srimati Lalita-sakhi. He wasn't the prosecutor, but the judge, and he hadn't dropped the case. The decision was to take children from Srimati Lalita-sakhi, but mysteriously it was never done! The judge's grown son did, indeed, join the Hare Krishna Movement, but, unfortunately, was one of the leaders of the Movement in Russia only by the middle of 1990th and now is inactive.