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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Mother Yamini’s musical songs online

Sunday, 16 September 2018 / Published in Recent Media / 854 views

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Dear all Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis,

Please accept my obeisances.

I write to inform you of the passing of Yamini devi dasi, disciple of Srila Prabhupada. She was a gentle and devoted soul, who put many of Krishna’s pastimes to music in English. She helped thousands of children (and adults) to easily and sweetly remember Krishna’s pastimes.

“While churning the butter, Mother Yasoda was singing about the childhood activities of Krsna. It was formerly a custom that if one wanted to remember something constantly, he would transform it into poetry or have this done by a professional poet. It appears that Mother Yasoda did not want to forget Krsna’s activities at any time. Therefore she poeticized all of Krsna’s childhood activities, such as the killing of Putana, Aghasura, Sakatasura and Trnavarta, and while churning the butter, she sang about these activities in poetical form. This should be the practice of persons eager to remain Krsna conscious twenty-four hours a day. This incident shows how Krsna conscious Mother Yasoda was. To stay in Krsna consciousness, we should follow such persons.” purport SB 10.9.1-2

Your servant in mourning, Urmila devi dasi
Madhusudana das: Mother Yamini, disciple of Srila Prabhupada departs
We feel honored and blessed that we were able to be around for Yamini during her last few weeks. The very saintly family of Ladali Cabezas and Mahabharata prabhu offered shelter in their home to Yamini and her husband Mangalananda, and we didn’t live too far away. We were able to travel there a couple of times a week for my wife, Carol Kanchanbala Blumert, to read Krishna Book to her for about 2 hours each time. They developed a nice connection as they are both sensitive and gentle ladies. She only wanted to hear about Krishna, particularly Krishna’s childhood pastimes.
She had a very sweet voice and was an excellent musician. She mentioned to us that she didn’t preach through her songwriting the same way that Mangalananda was able to do. She would to take the words of Srila Prabhupada from his writings and put them to song and music. She had the very feminine nature of a gentle lady and nurturing mother.
Mangalananda and her had a very sweet and complimentary relationship, both personally and musically. He took care of her very attentively. On one trip I happened to take him shopping as he had to get various supplies for her. He did not hesitate to get more than enough of each thing and always the better quality choices. You could tell that he really loved and served her unreservedly–both of them being VERY nice and sincere devotees of Krishna, and dedicated disciples of Srila Prabhupada.

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