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COOL BANANAS! By Suvarna Rupa dasi Banana harvesting is an…

Sunday, 16 September 2018 / Published in Recent Media / 196 views

By Suvarna Rupa dasi
Banana harvesting is an arduous affair and one that New Govardhana (Australia) resident Akincana Krishna dasa has been engaged in for the past few years. Not many people actually know the amount of effort that goes into producing the small but much-appreciated yield of bananas we get each week.
With the help of a handful of hardworking devotees such as Jiv Jago and other brahmacharis, Akincana maintains around 300 banana trees outside the Krishna Pad ashrama.
The grass must be vigilantly kept short around the trees, otherwise disease can spread. Inspectors come to make sure it is below a certain height. Akincana keeps the crops very well maintained so that each plant can grow nicely without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides that are common practice for the majority of other banana farms in the area.
Thank you, Akincana prabhu, for your dedicated service.

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