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The glories of Kurukshetra

Friday, 14 November 2008 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 3,918 views

Vivek Radhakrishnan: With all due respects to Srila Prabhupad, Vaishnavas all over the world & Sri Gaura Hari

Kurukshetra is refered to as “Dharmakshetra” is the place in Haryana state in India where the epic Mahabharata battle took place between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Visit to this place is a refreshing and spiritually rejuvenating experience. Kurukshetra is a 4 hour journey from Gurgaon (also in Haryana) by Bus. Travellers to this place can catch a bus to Jalandhar in Punjab from Gurgaon and on the way approx 1 hour after Panipat (famous for the historic Panipat battles between the Mughals and Rajputs) there is a stop called “Pipli” and from there can catch an Autorickshaw at a nominal cost that will take to all important places to be seen in and around Kurukshetra.

JYOTISAR – Is the most important place to be seen because there is a Banyan tree in this place under which Krishna explained Bhagavad gita 5000 years back to Arjuna – his greatest friend and devotee. There is a board placed on the tree in which is written “The immortal banyan tree witness to the celestial song bhagavad gita”. In fact this place is rightly named as the “Gitopadesh sthal – place where the gita was spoken”.
The tree is full of birds and squirrels which adds to the mystic aura of that place. Doing the Parikrama or Circumambulation of the tree is considered as a very auspicious deed. There is also a small chariot in a glass and marble case below the banyan tree where you can see Krishna and Arjuna speaking to each other. There is also another chariot nearby much bigger entirely in glass casing where both Krishna and Arjuna are seated. In the same courtyard of the Geethopadesh sthal is a Ved Pathshala, Rooms containing different characters of Mahabharata like Ganga mata, Bhishma dev, Krishna-Arjun etc… There is also an old shiva mandir witness to foreign invasions. Then there are also several other temples for other divinities also. There is a small water body infront of the geetopadesh sthal.

BHISMA KUND & BAN GANGA – Bhishma kund is the place where the great grand sire of the kuru dynasty bhishma was shot down by Arjuna in a volley of arrows with Shikhandi in front of him and bhishma refusing to fight. Bhishma was down and lying on a bed of arrows called the “Sharashayya” – waiting for his death at the most auspicious time called Uttarayana and following the advice of Krishna all the pandavas headed by Yudhistira arrived at the spot where Bhishma was lying for learning from him the sacred science of Rajnithi (rules of conduct for a king). During the course of discussions between Bhishma and Yudhistira, bhishma asked for water and Arjuna shot an arrow on the ground from which emanated the sacred ganga water which flowed into bhishma’s mouth like a jet that quenched his thirst – this body of water is called ban ganga which means that the ganga that emanated with the shot of a ban (arrow) is now a small pond. Today the in place where bhisma had fallen there is a temple having bhishma statue lying on a bed of arrows with all the pandavas and Krishna around it.
There is also a very tall and huge Hanuman statue in that compound itself.

BRAHMA SAROVAR LAKE – Is a huge lake the size of 5 football stadiums put together where people do “Pitr tarpan or Bali” for the betterment of the souls of their dead near and dear. Performing bali on the day of Amavasya is considered to be very auspicious in fact a lot of people come to take bath there on that day. There are so many temples situated along a strip of land extending right into the middle of the huge pond including a huge but beautiful black chariot with Krishna and Arjuna.

KURUKSHETRA UNIVERSITY – Is a very famous university in kurukshetra proper.

SRI KRISHNA MUSEUM – Situated in Kurukshetra contains several scenes of the Mahabharata depicted by life size statues.

KALPANA CHAWLA PLANETARIUM – Named after the famous late Indian lady astronaut Kalpana chawla in Kurukshetra. She is basically from Karnal in Haryana near to Kurukshetra itself.

To see the photos of this visit please go to the website:

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  1. pustakrishna says :

    Because reading your article on Kuruksetra reminded me, I wanted to share with you something which Srila Prabhupad once said in my presence regarding the battlefield. His Divine Grace said that people and archeologists sometimes ask the question why artifacts were not found on the battlefield given the millions of warriors who fought there. Srila Prabhupad said that all of the fallen soldiers were cremated and their equipment was removed from the battlefield. Srila Prabhupad was very thoughtful about many many things. And, he especially did not want to see mundane arguments attempt to negate the reality of this place where the Srimad Bhagavad Gita was spoken and where the subsequent battle took place. Sincerely, Pusta Krishna das

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