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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

On the Path of Light: Trials, Temptations, Success

Friday, 21 November 2008 / Published in Karnamrita dasa, Poetry / 3,711 views

Karnamrita das:

Many ways to look at our embodiment:
layers upon layers of gross and subtle coverings,
innumerable parts, different competing potent voices,
yet the soul is the origin or seat of consciousness
a spark of Divinity, lost, though searching blindly
for itself, for love, connection, fulfillment, happiness
that will endure in a fleeting, dark, restrictive world.

Ignorance that covers everyone’s eyes and good sense
is the all-pervading, much advertised false promise
that our heart’s desires will come in time, w/ friends and things
completely realizing its highest ideals and dreams
but alas—like the never reached carrot, luring the donkey on
or getting only appetizers, while hungry for the full meal—
the shadow, imitation world, gives only future, well-dressed promises.

Wisdom, truth, light, and grace are required
to wake us up form the repeated dream
we undergo though countless births and deaths
trying to be what we aren’t—the Center and Enjoyer,
then we realize that no material happiness attempt
can satisfy the souls’ spiritual appetite and nature
to return to the World of Light, with our true Beloved.

Fortunate souls take up the path of Light and Love
by service to the true Master, and Dear Most Friend
hearing the Naked Truth of illusory material pursuits
and the activities of the Supreme Beloved, and his lovers,
we gradually rise up from the Never Ending Bad Story
seeing the world with new eyes and insights
gaining a higher spiritual taste and standing in the Light.

While blessed to travel the royal path of Pure Love
the journey requires much preparation and stamina
as the road has both roses with hidden thorns and poison ivy—
nor is the road always smooth, or flat and easy going,
in one’s way come boulders, fallen trees, mud slides,
rivers to be forded, mountains climbed, tiredness overcome
temptations passed in alluring beautiful lush valleys.

As one takes the Road Less Traveled, forgoing the
freeways to walk at times in doubt and uncertainty
the path may appear to disappear all together
or many forks appear, forcing one to make uneasy choices
and one may find oneself in a seemingly endless plateau
or descending into a desert which challenges one to stop,
yet we have to continue in faith, knowledge and determination.

For the sincere devotee, though stumbling, is never lost
if companions are prayer, faith, gratitude, positive expectancy
that despite reverses, any situation can help us grow in strength
and in taking shelter of Guru and Krishna, and experiencing the power
of devotion—hearing, chanting and Krishna’s service in saintly association;
since pain, depression, dissatisfaction in Bhakti are feedback that we need
to search out offenses/anarthas, changing course within or without.

Following the rules of behavior are meant to foster virtue in us
creating favorable conditions for our inner life of contemplation,
requiring knowledge to keep on with our “sadhana” practices by which we
develop realized steady faith, bringing us the love beyond reason
yet pure love has its own reasoning—“when we love, we know what to do!”
creating lemonade from lemons, or opportunities from challenges—
crossing the highest peak, w/o looking back, Krishna’s valley of love.

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