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Traveling festival of India 2008 from Croatia

Monday, 24 November 2008 / Published in News / 3,006 views

By Dasarath Suta das

Hare Krishna dear devotees. This article is about fifth in a row Sri Sri Nitay Gauracandra Harinam party tour, which is trying to spread the glories of the Holy Name all over the Croatian coast during the summer season. We were travelling from one town to another, performing two Harinams daily. After the third tour we thought that this is amazing what we have done so far, and if we will be able to manage one more Harinam tour, it will be more amazing. However Their Lordships Sri Sri Nitay Gauracandra like to travel and preach, so we tried to please them by arranging them two more years of Harinam Sankirtan tours. By Their mercy, this year we saw different possibilities for the future Harinam in Croatia, and we decided to keep on performing them and improve them. Five years ago the tour lasted three weeks and Sri Sri Nitay Gauracandra with five servents squeezed in a small car, travelled and sang the glories of the Holy Name all along the Adriatic sea coast. For the second tour we bought Balaram, a transcendental van who made possible to travel and preach for the next four years in a row. Until now in these five tours we travelled through one hundred cities on Croatian shore and we performed around 350 Harinams. During these passed years we saw that every year people are becoming more and more approachable and interested, and they have better attitude toward Hare Krishna movement. This year especially we realized that if we will be more organized and more serious in the future, we will be able to make bigger impact on a people’s consciousness.

This year 12 million tourists visited Croatian coast, which is three times more than the number of Croatian residents. According to the estimates of world experts, Croatia is between the three most popular tourist destinations in the world. So this year our simple Harinam tour became bigger and it looked more like the traveling Festival of India. We performed on stages and through the sound system we explained in several languages the benefits of Indian culture, which is inseparable from spirituality. Our main focus was on the power of mantras and the original purity of Indian culture.

This year our Festival of India was accompanied by 13 deities and 15 devotees. In 40 days we visited 57 cities and 7 islands while we were traveling through Istra, Kvarner and Dalmatia. We performed two festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all together performed 82 harinams. Sometimes we had a four festival in one day, because we were able to split the group into two parts. All together we traveled about about 7000 kilometers. Based on our observations, we estimated that in these two months between 400,000 – 500,000 people heard the Holy Name. During the tour we distributed 365 books on Croatian, Italian, English, German and Slovenian languages and about 250 CDs with spiritual music and about 20 DVDs. Another positive improvement is that our relationships with the city authorities became very much pleasant and appreciative so that they are now helping us in our preaching efforts. Now it is much easier to obtain permits for perform, and some of them even pay for our performance. At the end we all agreed that this was the best tour so far.

These numbers are the products of great mercy bestowed on us from Krishna and all the vaisnavas, and also because of the great effort from the devotees who travelled on this tour. We have many new ideas how to improve this project, so that more and more people can hear the glories of the Holy Name and start their spiritual journey. Next year we would like to make an even bigger success with this festival with better performances and richer program. Therefore, we humbly beg all you to bestow on us your blessings, so that we can continue to serve Sri Sri Nitay Gauracandra, and try to fulfill even a little bit of the great plan of our Srila Prabhupada, who wanted to spread this movement in all the corners on the world.

Of course, on the tour happened a lot of nectar lilas, which could not fit in this short text, so everybody who is interested about the Festival of India in 2008. and generally preaching in Croatia are invited to visit us at our site

Thank You

Your servents from Sri Sri Nitay Gauracandra Mandir – Karlovac, Croatia

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    Namacarya das ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hare Krsna!

    These devotees are great. They are determined and enthusiastic in their services. They relate very sweetly with each other and with whom all they meet. I feel showered by mercy to have a possibility to meet them few times a year.
    I remember, once I was visiting them in their outstanding community for a festival and when I was leaving all of them accompanied me to the bus station at 11PM in spite of being tired from festival services. A demon like myself did not deserve such a accompaniment. Seeing, feeling and experiencing directly their attitude and mood brought tears to my ever dry eyes.

    Your servant,
    Namacarya das

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