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Inauguration of Varnasrama Media Productions

Tuesday, 25 November 2008 / Published in Reports / 2,956 views

(Varnasrama Research Team members at the inauguration of Varnasrama Media Productions. His Grace Rasananda Prabhu graced the occasion and enlightened everyone with short lecture)

By Bharat Chandra Das

Around 50 devotees recently assembled at a unique inauguration ceremony at Secunderabad! The local Varnasrama Research Team (VRT), since its inception in 2007, had many accomplishments including completion of a documentary film called “Save Our Cows-Save Our Villages” which was well received in all circles. This debut documentary film contained interviews from around 15 professionals recorded at international conferences on cow protection in India. Taking cue from the potential this had to offer, the members of the local VRT recently formed a team and formally inaugurated Varnasrama Media Productions (VMP).

Varnasrama is a vast topic, less understood and myths hover around it although our Founder Acharya Srila Prabhupada gave clear guidelines. In order to create wide awareness on concepts and practices of varnasrama dharma, utilizing audiovisual media forms an integral part of the mission. There are many series of documentary films lined up including a major documentary film project called – “Make Vrindavan Villages”.

The Varnasrama Media Productions project, initiated by GLOVESCO (Global Varnasrama Educational, Social and Cultural Organization) will help achieve the important concepts such as self-sufficiency, local governance, simple living-high thinking, lessons from varnasrama projects and so on, a string of projects lined up which will help devotees all over the world get-involved in the matter of community living based on principles of varnasrama. Varnasrama aspirants from Dubai and local Varnasrama Research Team members were very much instrumental in getting this project started and we are very grateful to each one of them and we will reciprocate soon.

“When I joined in 1971, I felt a great fear of isolation and alienation from “normal” society. I thought that my world had shrunk and that I had only a few eccentric monks as my social circle. My future seemed lonely. Little did I realize that a real society was being born—like a lotus from a navel—sprouting a stalk that would soon flower into an international confederation of varnas and asramas expanding like sound waves from your lotus lips. Now I can’t keep up with the “free forum,” letters, phone calls, friends, congregational members, acquaintances, and family—what to speak of my own sadhana and duties at ITV to the work and the staff. My social calendar is overflowing, and my mind is brimming with appointments and “to-dos.” How am I ever going to accomplish it all? IMPOSSIBLE! (Whoops. I just don’t know how to eliminate that word from my computer.)……We have lists of programs that we want to produce. The endeavor could take a lifetime. We would like it to take a lot less.”
Narasimhananda dasa (ACBSP), ITV
Sri Vyasa Puja, 1996 Centennial
Extract from foilo

Humbly hoping that VMP can become a lending hand to senior devotees to fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s mission (which is only 50% completed).

Begging to be engaged in the service of the Vaisnavas,

Varnasrama Media Productions Team

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