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The ‘REAL’ map of the world- – paradigm shift

Tuesday, 25 November 2008 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 30,641 views

Radha Mohan das: Dear prabhus

I thought you would be interested in the this- – which for some will be a bit of a paradigm shift:

Please find attached the ‘Peters Projection’ Map of the world, with East Asia and Australia in a central position, and placed upside-down.

1) ‘Peters Projection’ is a more accurate version than the map we are used to seeing because it represents the actual sizes of the countries. The traditional map exaggerates the lengths of countries nearer the poles because the lines of latitude are deceivingly placed equal distances apart when transferring from a globe to a two dimensional map.

The attached version however takes into account that the lines of latitude actually get further apart as they near the equator. Thus, interestingly, countries such as India, Mexico are larger then we think.

2) A new centre? It was the British who created Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which runs through London. (ie 0 degrees longitude) Thus still today many maps of the world place the longitude of London in the centre. (although many American maps place themselves at the centre). This however is relative and so the attached map places the east in the more central position.

3) Which way up? We are used to seeing world maps with the north pole at the top. However, again this is relative because in space or indeed anywhere away from the earth this becomes irrelevant. Therefore, the attached map is upside-down to the usual maps and this is no less correct than the traditional version. It is relative.

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