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Santa Hari Nama!

Tuesday, 30 December 2008 / Published in Ads, Message Board, Video / 3,457 views

Parasurama dasa: Please review this serious documentary on the paralells between Vaisnavism and Santa Claus particularly in the area of chanting the Holy Name of the Lord and the distribution of wholesome transcendental fare!
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One Response to “Santa Hari Nama!”

  1. ccd says :

    According to Prabhupada: Santa refers to “those who are theistic, advanced in devotional service, they are called santas, saintly person(s)”. In another place he said that to” become santa and those whose eyes are smeared with love of Godhead, they see every moment Krsna.” It is a completely different word to the shAnta as in shAnta-rasa. So we should not propagate the ignorance and rather stick to what Prabhupada actually said about santa. In other words why mix true santas with the red dress santas, unless there is an unpublished ‘clause’ that we should know:-) – it does look like fun, but hardly santah sada eva, more like not very serious or some may say ‘frivolous’ fun. If you did not suggest that it has anything to do with Brahma-samhita or the shAnta-rasa, it would have been even okay.

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