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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Badrinath Parikrama Days 10-12

Sunday, 04 November 2018 / Published in Recent Media / 343 views

*Day-12::::::4th November, 2018*
*Badrinath to Kamyavan via Kedarnath*

In the Himalayas near to Badrikashram, there is the abode of Lord Shiva-Kedarnath. Krishna also after bringing His family to Badrinath… brought them to Kedarnath of Vraja. Its a long walk 👣 so we started early today. While going to Kamyavan we will visit Kedarnath.
There is only one resident at this place, and he is the pujari of Kedarnath Temple. This place is also untouched by the worldly so called advancement or human interference. It takes 270 stair-steps to reach to this temple. We will rest in between and keep moving. This is a very natural cave where Lord Shiva resides.
*Charan Pahadi*
Chaaran Pahadi is the place where Lord Krishna used to play His flute, and stones underneath Krishna’s Lotus Feet 👣 would melt with this sound of flute. Its a very beautiful Green Pasture ground 🌳🌳🌳🌳 of cows 🐄🐂, where Krishna and Balram would come.

*Kaman Village*
While moving towards Kaman we will go to Gaya Kund, where Nanda Baba did “Shradhha Tarpan” for his Ancestors.

Dinanukampa devi dasi: Hope you all enjoyed the transcendental walk from Deeg to Badrinath yesterday and you would be feeling yourself in the most serene atmosphere of Sri Badrinath.

Today we shall circumambulate the Badrinath dham in Vraja. Let’s see a glimpse of the holy places we would visit:

*Nara and Narayana Pravata*
It’s a steep climb and loose rocks crunching under our bare soles.
After getting on top admiring the natural beauty of the place.
Adi Badri is of course smaller than Himalayan Badrinath, but sometimes we feel we are actually climbing those Alpine peaks.

*Laksmana Jhula*
This place nestled between two mountains, is where Laksmana performed austerities. We can take darsana of his beautiful smiling Deity and rest for some time.

*Triveni Sangam*
We can see the dried up riverbeds of the ganga yamuna and Sarasvati.
There is also a famous lake called Deva-Sarovara, once while wandering through a forest Radha and Krishan came to sarovar and sat down on its shore.

*Yogmaya Mandira*
Last place we visit is the Yogmaya temple.
In Bhagavad-gita(7.25) Lord says that He is yoga-maya- samavrtah, “covered by His internal potency.”

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