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HH Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji, Udupi, honors Bhakti Vikas Swami

Thursday, 08 January 2009 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 4,347 views

H. H. Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji, Udupi Paryaya Swamiji, honors H. H. Bhakti Vikas Swami at his Vyas Puja, at Udupi, Karnataka arnatakaJanuary342009#

By Basu Ghosh Das

On January 3, 2009, the fifty second Vyas puja of H. H. Bhakti Vikas Swami was observed by almost eight hundred disciples, Sriman Haripada Prabhu and his wife, Phalini Mataji, both disciples of Srila Prabhupada, congregational devotees and others.

The program was organized at Udupi, the place of Madhvacharya, now a district headquarters in Karnataka State.

H. H. Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji, the “paryaya Swamiji” (who’s “turn” [paryaya] to worship Lord Krishna at Udupi’s famous “Krishna math” is currently running until January 2010) of the “Puthige math” (one of the eight “maths” [pronounced “mutt”] of Udupi established eight hundred years ago by Sripad Madhvacharya) welcomed Maharaj at a function in the “Rajangana” hall, located behind the Krishna math. This is Swamiji’s third paryaya. His first paryaya began when he was only ten years old, and had just been initiated into sannyas ashram and made the “junior Swamiji” of Puthige math. The Swamijis of the eight maths appointed by Sripad Madhvacharya, take two year paryayas, so each math has a paryaya every fourteen years.

In his welcoming speech, Sugundendra Tirtha Swamiji said that Krishna means “attractive” and that he attracts devotees and that devotees attract him. Bhakti Vikas Swami has attracted so many devotees and brought them to this holy place. Sripad Madhvacharya taught that one can attain the Lord only by constant devotion, “ananya bhakti”.

H. H. Bhakti Vikas Swami, in response, said that despite the fact that we Western devotees are fallen and not greatly learned in vedic culture, customs and literature, and do not know Samskrita language, and therefore, are unfit even to come into the Krishna math, but by Prabhupada’s mercy we are engaged in Krishna bhakti and Swamiji is like Parikshit who saw the essence and accepts us as Krishna bhaktas.

Maharaj said that ISKCON is continuing the mission of Sripad Madhvacharya by fighting the false mayavada conceptions that have taken many unconventional forms and are promoted by “bogus babas and so-called avatars” at the present time. Sugunendra Swamiji smiled in approval hearing these remarks, and in this way showed his appreciation for them.

Later on, in his farewell speech in the Gita Mandir, which he organized the construction of during his previous paryaya, Swamiji told the assembled devotees the story of how Sripad Madhavcharya obtained the deities of Krishna and Balaram at Malpe, and how he established the Krishna Math eight hundred years ago and arranged for the worship of Lord Krishna by the sannyasi heads of the maths.

He also described Udupi as the place of “anna brahma”, the transcendental place of massive prasad distribution. He also mentioned, somewhat jokingly, that Tirupati is the place of “kanchana brahma”, due to the immense wealth of the temple, and more seriously mentioned Pandharpur as the place of “naada brahma”, due to the kirtans that are famous there.

Sugunendra Swamiji presented Bhakti Vikas Swami with a silver Deity of Lord Udupi Sri Krishna, and distributed prasad packets and Puthige math calendars to all the assembled devotees at Gita Mandir. The devotees were pleasantly surprised when Swamiji invited Bhakti Vikas Maharaj to hold the next Vyas Puja function again at Udupi, which would be just before his paryaya ends on makara sankranti, 2010.

Swamiji also hosted the assembled devotees by arranging for prasad (meals) at the Puthige math, for three days. After the Vyas Puja and initiation ceremonies were completed, Swamiji organized special prasad in the Krishna math itself, for the entire party of visiting devotees.

More than five hundred devotees performed “harinam sankirtan” in the area near the Krishna math and joined in the “Rathayatra” (“car festival”) in the evening, that is almost a daily feature of the Udupi Sri Krishna math.

Most of the devotees also visited the birthplace of Sripad Madhvacharya at Pajakaksehtra, several kilometers South of Udupi, and also the “Vadabanda Balarama” temple, on the sea coast at Malpe, five kilometers West of Udupi town.

There were devotees from a number of places throughout India, such as Baroda, Vallabh Vidyanagar (Anand), Surat, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vellore, Salem and Chennai who attended the function. Devotees came from Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Tanzania, and Dubai. Five devotees from Sri Lanka also attended.

More than three hundred pictures of the entire function can be seen on the internet at the following URL (you can copy this into your web browser, or click on the link): arnatakaJanuary342009#

Or just go to:

and click on the Bhakti Vikas Swami Vyas Puja album to view the pictures.

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