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Govardhan Puja Celebration in ISKCON Kolkata (2018) (Album of…

Saturday, 10 November 2018 / Published in Recent Media / 184 views

Govardhan Puja Celebration in ISKCON Kolkata (2018) (Album of photos)
Arjun Bhattacharyya: Govardhan Puja and Annakuta festival is observed the day after Diwali in the holy month of Karttika. ISKCON Kolkata celebrated Govardhan puja with the beautiful Giriraj Shilas of Krishna Balarama and made a beautiful Govardhan Hill. In the hill, Krishna is seen instructing Nanda Maharaja and other Vrajavasis to worship Giriraj. A lot of devotees came in the temple and offered a huge number of preparations and circumambulated Govardhana Hill. Please relish the pictures of this wonderful event.
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