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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Living Name Retreat at New Vrindaban

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 / Published in Message Board / 714 views

Living Name Retreat at New Vrindaban with Sacinandana Swami

Mother’s Day Weekend, May 10–12, 2019.

Imagine a magical setting where you can immerse yourself, without any distractions, in Krishna’s presence. The idyllic, tranquil countryside of New Vrindaban, away from the noisy and fast-paced city, is the ideal place to unwind and connect with nature, yourself, and Krishna through the holy names.

After this year’s well-attended holy name retreat, New Vrindaban will host its second retreat called “The Living Name Retreat” on Mother’s Day Weekend, May 10–12, 2019.

Whether you are a new practitioner or staunch follower of bhakti-yoga, the Living Name Retreat will help you take further steps in improving your chanting and thereby connecting with the Lord on a deeper level. Your experience will be enhanced in the association of devotees and kirtan lovers who are eager to relish the sweet taste of Krishna’s names. In addition, you will be receiving valuable insights and support from an advanced ambassador of the holy names, His Holiness Sacinandana Swami, who will be facilitating the event.

Registration is now open, which includes three-night accommodation in New Vrindaban’s scenic Palace Lodge, nine special prasadam meals, and all seminars.

Please visit

to register and to book your accommodation.

Please also visit our Facebook page: newvrindaban108 for more information on upcoming retreats, seminars, and programs.

From His Holiness Sacinandana Swami:

Japa and kirtan retreats are now being conducted in all parts of the world and are becoming more and more sought after by devotees and friends of Lord Krishna. Let me try to explain the magic of such a retreat. It’s a truly transformational experience because the retreat offers much more than just some skills to help you to improve your chanting. It aims at improving your relationship with Radha and Krishna in Their most merciful forms of the Holy Name. Perhaps this is why japa retreats have become so popular. What you can expect from a japa retreat:

– strengthen your inner connection to the Divine Couple Radha and Krishna
– new insights and techniques in relation to chanting the Holy Names of Krishna
– a stronger commitment to offenseless chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna
– breakthrough experiences in chanting the Holy Names of Krishna
– the opportunity to learn how to expand the boundaries of your spiritual life so that you can have deeper and more rewarding spiritual realizations

A personal note: It is a great honor for me to facilitate these japa and kirtan retreats all over the world. I would be most grateful if you come in great numbers so that we can create a powerful sanga (community) of committed chanters.

About Sacinandana Swami’s book – The Living Name

THE LIVING NAME ***Official Announcement***

On the 28th September 2018, a book that has been worked on for the past year will be released called "The Living Name". It is book that has been made to truly try and help one transform their practice and experience with the Holy Name.

Posted by Sacinandana Swami on Monday, September 24, 2018

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