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RSPCA donated cow arrives at temple

Wednesday, 21 January 2009 / Published in Cow protection, News / 3,936 views

Founder Acarya A. C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Watford, Herts WD25 8EZ

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A small bell rung and there were soft whispering chants, as priests welcomed the arrival of Aditi and all the controversy surrounding the RSPCA and the killing of the cow Gangotri became a distant sorrowful memory for the community of Bhaktivedanta in Hertfordshire, UK. On Sunday 18th January saw the arrival of a cow-in-calf to the Temple, a gift by the RSPCA representing a symbol of reconciliation.

Just over a year ago the RSPCA killed Gangotri a cow at the Temple by lethal injection. After discussions that included DEFRA and even reached the ear of Archbishop of Canterbury’s office, and Lord Dholokia who helped to mediate a reconciliation which meant an end to all legal proceedings; an apology and a gift of a pregnant cow from the RSPCA. The cow has been named ‘Aditi’, which befittingly means ‘the free one, boundless’ and ‘the archaic mother.’

Kapil Dudakia, the chair of the Gangotri Task Force said, “We trust that the level of awareness has increased and the RSPCA and the Hindu community can work together learning from this unfortunate episode. This is a tremendous day and it is my hope that we do not witness such difficulties again.”

DEFRA have recently published a protocol which will in future guide animal welfare at all farms and organisations in the UK who have a non-violent ethos. Syamasundar das, the Farm Manager of New Gokul, the largest Cow Protection Programme in Europe which is about to open in August said, “This resolution will now help to protect all our cows and I believe the Temple and the RSPCA can now work together for animal welfare.”

It is hoped that when the calf is born to Aditi, which is expected in mid February, that those involved during the campaign and the RSPCA can come together to celebrate this reconciliation and a new collaboration.

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The Apology

Apology from the RSPCA issued on the one year anniversary of the killing of Gangotri 13th December 2008

“The RSPCA as a charity will, by all lawful means, prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering of animals.?? We share the above objective with the Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities and realise that these communities through their faith strive to live in harmony with all creatures.??

The Society, recognising the hurt caused to the sentiments of these communities, and wishing to build a progressive relationship, apologises unreservedly for causing hurt and offence.??

The RSPCA is based on a profound respect for animals, something we share with the Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities and we look forward to working together to promote respect and caring, and to cherish all life.”

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  1. Dr Vrinda Baxi says :

    Hare Krishna!

    That is indeed a sweet way of reconciliation.
    Welcome to Aditi.

    Hari Bol
    Vrindavanlila dd

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