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May our Souls come Together to Sing and Dance

Wednesday, 21 January 2009 / Published in Karnamrita dasa, Poetry / 3,286 views

Karnamrita das:

Eyes closed
concentration inward,
down and around
the spiral staircase
to the depths
of my soul
to find
my inspiration source.

It is as far
as I can go
through the
coverings of matter,
earth, water,
fire, air, either–
subtle mind
and intellect,
then the false ego:
I, me, mine.

The soul sits
on the
life air
in the heart,
asleep to
her real nature,
potential and
root desires,
embarking on
an un-merry-go-round.

I know–
from being
out of my body,
and from
Vedic knowledge
my eternal
souls reality, and
her primary
need to
love the Divine.

I understand
the importance of
of being balanced,
while working
according to
physical necessities,
with the
ultimate aim
of making progress
our real,
soul satisfaction.

The search
for happiness
avoiding distress
rules us,
true blessings
are neither,
only waking
from the dream
will satisfy
desires for bliss.

So I sit
and go inward
catching the
flame of inspiration,
and wanting
to share it
with those
who come thirsty
to understand
beyond the superficial.

My prayer
is that my
Divine Muse,
will inspire
and empower me
with spiritual potency
to affect
a change
and awakening
in you–
dear sleeping soul.

I speak
not in pride,
but as a brother
not free myself,
yet who sees
the glimmer
of light,
something more,
which calls me
and every soul
back to our
Source–Shri Krishna.

So drink
my offerings
given with love,
and be open
to be carried
away to
the homeland
of the heart,
and let our
souls dance together
to our eternal
song (Krishna nam)
and the
music of life.


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    atmananda dasa ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    to share it
    with those
    who come thirsty
    to understand
    beyond the superficial.”

    Yes, Please share…What is the nectar of Krsna Nama? How can I taste that nectar?

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    Karnamrita.das ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Atmanandaji! Pranams! Not many venture to the poetry section, what to speak of leaving a comment. So thanks for leaving your mark. Ah if only I were an expert in rasa tattva, or the glories of the holy name. Of course we read even the great souls think themselves unqualified for elaborating on the glories of the holy name. I can at least share what I have heard.

    The glories of the holy name are unlimited, though they are truly appreciated according to a person’s realization. Those of us who are sadhakas accept on faith the glories of the holy name we hear from scripture and from our guru and other advanced Vaishnavas. We have various levels of realization.

    There are verses glorifying the effect of the holy name to eradicate sin, yet that is considered only a secondary effect. The real effect of the holy name it to awaken our normal spiritual position of prema. As in Shiksastakam it is described as the nectar for which we are always hankering for.

    However, generally in order to attain prema we need to become freed from sin. Lord Chaitanya inquires from Haridas Thakur about how the Yavanas who are full of sinful desires and actions such as killing cows and Vedic culture can be delivered. Haridas Thakur replies that the merciful holy name will deliver them even if meant to indicate something else or when the syllables are separated. He gives the example of a person being killed by a boar who cries out “Ha-Ram” or alas, or Ajamila who was calling his son–both were delivered by namabhasa or the reflection of the holy name. Even a faint light of the holy name can eradicate sin. The trees and creepers can also be benefited if they hear the holy name. Echoes are considered their responsive chanting. Lord Chaitanya has appeared in the Age of Kali to mercifully deliver us through the holy names of Radha and Krishna, or the Maha-mantra.

    In the life of Lord Chaitanya we see the real effect of pure chanting. After spiritual initiation he became a God intoxicated person. Although he thought he had become mad from chanting Hare Krishna due to his ecstatic symptoms such as dancing, laughing and crying, his spiritual master confirmed the real benefit of pure chanting was to develop loving ecstasy for Krishna. Compared to love of Godhead, the four material goals of the Vedas seem like straw or a drop of water compared to the ocean. Carried away with love, one become spiritually greedy for the Lord’s lotus feet. When will we obtain this state?

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