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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

2018 GBC Midterm General Meeting Resolutions

Sunday, 18 November 2018 / Published in Editorial, GBC / 6,776 views

3 Responses to “2018 GBC Midterm General Meeting Resolutions”

  1. gaurakeshavadas says :

    Re-initiation isn't sastric if one has taken diksha from a Vaisnava guru.

  2. Pusta Krishna das says :

    It appears that the current thinking has not learned from history…ie "the Zonal Acharya" days.
    When Srila Prabhupada was devising the management plan in the last days, he arranged for 2 or 3 different people would be involved in making management decisions for a particular temple. The intent is that there would be a check and balance against any despotism that might arise. Do not underestimate the power of Krishna's Maya. A rubber stamp as a "GBC" obviously will not ensure protection against delusional thoughts and actions.

    I fully support the ultimate desire to have a GBC committee manage his ISKCON society. However, there needs to be more thoughtfulness, reflection upon the prior mistakes that led to bad outcomes, and the intent to avoid having more than one person, perhaps 2-4 as needed, to make management decisions for the properties and programs. This will protect the Society from disillusionment regarding the over-estimation that an individual may have for themselves, in favor of the combined "safety net" that the GBC is intended to provide. With humility, Pusta Krishna das

  3. Pusta Krishna das says :

    Prabhus, My respect to all of you for taking upon your selves the "burden of management", as Srila Prabhupada would sometimes refer to it. But, your prime responsibility is maintaining certain standards and preventing locally charismatic persons from dominating local program(s) since that could lead to defections and loss of faith in the management scheme that Srila Prabhupada desired.
    READ HIS FINAL WILL. His Divine Grace desired that at least 3 persons would be on each property to prevent the sale of said properties. This nearly happened in Brooklyn, New York and if cooperation had been there would have prevented the sale of the Manhattan building….an unforgivable loss!
    Keep the GBC oversight among at least 3 persons for each center to prevent basic foolish management mistakes now and into the future. Zonal Acharyas, perhaps, but at least 3 per zone so that devotees do not have to walk down that jagged slope again. Mama maya duratyaya. Pusta Krishna das