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Smiling Flowers

Friday, 30 January 2009 / Published in Karnamrita dasa, Poetry / 2,831 views

Karnamrita das:

Gray winter skies
frigid wet outside
Archana sings prayers
the fire blazes warmth.

Beholding Radha Gopinatha
uplifting spiritual beauties
they kindly glance
to bless everyone.

Esthetically pleasing altar
Deities galore and glorious
lovely jeweled clothes
the flowers smile.

Like trumpets heralding
sun amidst darkness
each petal praising God
arms pointing upward.

The jewels of Kali
simple yet profound
a joy to behold
marveling at the Creator.

Our life a wonder
such great opulence
wondrous beauty
contrasting winter’s gloom.

The flowers smile
Radha Gopinatha smile
we smile and tear
feeling grateful, blessed.

Return to timeless japa
hours with my Lords
by their grace
I gradually wake up.

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