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Every Step a Prayer, Every Breathe a Question

Monday, 02 February 2009 / Published in Karnamrita dasa, Poetry / 2,462 views

Karnamrita das:
Every step a prayer
giving thanks I still walk,
every breathe a question
when my love will awaken?

At every moment life and
death are precariously balanced–
we struggle to survive another
day before our body’s demise.

Sitting in the waiting room
an outpatient clinic
amidst deteriorating aged bodies
during my wife’s colonoscopy.

A common procedure, certainly
yet it gives us pause
about how temporary life is–
that it can end unexpectedly.

Especially as we age
our friends begin to die,
many suddenly, with no warning
others slowly by disease.

My parents in-law
have it much worse
retirement community living
seeing close friends die, frequent funerals.

Facing death helps us live more fully–
not a morbid preoccupation,
but negative impetus for engaging
in Bhakti, a real solution for death.

Birth, disease, old age, & death
for the eternal soul unnatural
kept alive by our karma
by thinking we are the Enjoyer.

After traversing the Universe
through all species going up,
down, around all planets, dimensions
since time immemorial–too long!

The fortunate souls receive
well-wishing from a saint
whose blessings impart the Divine
seed of Bhakti, beginning the awakening.

As we take a step toward Krishna
he takes a thousand toward us
so great his love, that once embarking
on bhakti, he never lets us go.

Having begun our return to
the Lord and love of our heart
he carries what we lack
preserving what we have.

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