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Spiritually Miraculous and Magical

Thursday, 12 February 2009 / Published in Poetry / 2,288 views

Karnamrita das:
The stark reality of Kali’s age
wars, bodily hatred and violence
poverty, starvation, new epidemics
many diseases, types of slow deaths.

Amidst mundane chaos, scarcity
lives appeared hopeless
a portal of light, a road of redemption
the mercy of Gaura Nitai!

These two Lords came
inspiring a magical, miraculous view
from what seems mundane
or ordinary–our everyday life.

A challenging query made:
Do you perform miracles?
Yes, Prabhupada replied
pointing to his disciples!

This statement a clue:
those touched by Bhakti’s grace
must avoid complacency, boredom
by forgetting the wonder of Krishna.

Excitement present in newness
what seemed extraordinary appears common
material life again attracts us
as our spiritual necessity is covered.

Avoid such misfortune
by constant spiritual reflection
gratitude, appreciation, and wonder
seeing Krishna behind everything.

Go to the most basic–
that we exist and are conscious
is amazing, we are part of Krishna
the life of our very life–and everyone!

Bodily construction and functioning
is miraculous, what to speak of our soul;
do you see, hear, feel, think and move?
others cannot, we are blessed by the best!

You are still alive in spite of
many chances for your death,
and there is no death actually
knowing this is such mercy!

Thinking yourself a body–
a frightful life waiting for the end
struggling for existence to fill the void
with stuff and fleeting relationships.

Material life is pessimistic
spiritual life a great pleasure
even if your standing is theoretical
begin from where you are.

Build your life on faith
positive expectancy
always look for the miraculous
behind even everyday occurrences.

Then there is Krishna’s Deities
the holy name, and Bhakti scriptures
Prabhupada, the saints and gurus–
all these persons are miraculous blessings.

For devotees everything is miraculous
yet we have to cultivate the vision
counteracting material negativity
through practice, prayers, good association!

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