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World march

Wednesday, 18 February 2009 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 2,316 views

Parabhakti das:

Dear Maharaja, prabhu, mathaji, Please accept my most humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I would like to inform you about an initiative that has great potential for our preaching. In autumn later this year, the International Humanist Movement is organizing the international event “World March for Peace and Non-Violence”. Many official institutions, religious and cultural groups, universities and youth movements are joining in. The Humanist Movement’s representatives state that they are not interested to claim for their movement the credit for the organization of the march but rather it will be a joint venture with all those who propose to help. Nonetheless, the Humanist Movement presence will be a relevant one. Joining the organization committee means to be able to suggest and achieve all kinds of activities in relation to peace and non-violence. To us this means kirtans, mass prasada distribution, book stalls, advertising cow protection, openly preaching our Krishna conscious philosophy and so on. The role our movement can have may vary locally, depending on the realities of each country. In Italy, ISKCON exchanges with other religions and cultural groups move on different levels. We go from just being present to events we are invited to – this helps us to distribute prasada, tighten relationships with leaders, meeting local authorities and getting to know people who show some interest in our philosophy. Where possible, we also actively participate by performing bajans, kirtan, with prasada distribution, book distibution, conferences, lectures and public performances. Collaboration with other religions and faiths brings ISKCON media exposure and credibility and creates trust and good consideration for our movement. The only aspect to be verified is that to participate to the March will not mean being ruled under some political etiquette. This happens in some countries, indeed. It is therefore necessary to carefully evaluating your local situation before undersigning your presence to the march. To gather more information about the event you are invited to visit www. marchamundial. org and contact the organizers at the email you can find in the attached brochure – – and find out how to participate and/or joining the organization of the World March. I think that at this initial stage joining in the march should remain a local or zonal initiative. In the future, if response from the public will be a positive one, we can think to officially participate with a more internationally coordinated presence.

ys Parabhakti das – ISKCON Communication Italy –

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