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Yet we need them

Wednesday, 18 February 2009 / Published in Poetry / 2,535 views


Renaissance and Reformation
erected the icon of liberty
on the shores of the west.
Hail the free human dream!

The freedom that transpired
into individualism and objectivism;
and protectionism too,
embracing the nakedness of selfishness.
clinging to the core of capitalism;
installing its glories over the shores
and minds of all nations on earth-
the globalism nay, materialism.
The salvation- through Reformation?
Google only knows!

Alas! It explodes and erupts
the lava of devilish human greed,
sinking walled streets and the cities too,the wallowing fumes, the forest fire of
the burnt homes and hearts!

Oh! What a horrible deed
by the man’s free -mind!

There goes the enemy of earth
possessed with universal greed
pushing away regulationists, and the rulers they kept as disguise.
Watch ! from their pockets drips
the foul money they made
selling the corpse of human hopes.
Yet they, we think we need them over the others
to sustain the very freedom of our mind.

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