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Disappearance day of his Divine Grace Tamal Krishna Goswami

Friday, 27 February 2009 / Published in Blog thoughts / 3,198 views

Pandava vijaya dasa : Today 2/25/2009 is the disappearance day of his Divine Grace Tamal Krishna Goswami. For me as his disciple it is a special day. Gurudeva as his disciples called him , had stepped on many toes and had a fair share of people who watched his every step to see if he deviated in any way from the sanyasi boundaries. Years after his death – no one has ever found that he ever broke any Sanyasi rules. I am proud of this. I had intimate assocaiton with Srila Gurudeva in helping to spread Krishna consciousness in the early 1980’s and he never did anything for his own gratification. He never tucked any money aside or was alone with a women.. In fact it was very very important to him to be a perfect Servant of Srila Prabhupada.

All glories to Srila Gurudeva, H. H. Tamal Krishna Goswami.

your servant, Pandava vijaya dasa

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    pustakrishna ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    When I was Srila Prabhupad’s personal secretary in 1976, and I had my own difficulties (coming very close to the fire, they used to say about Srila Prabhupad’s personal secretaries, you sometimes get burnt), the first words out of the mouth of Srila Prabhupad were: “Where is Tamal Krishna!” Srila Prabhupad had so much respect and confidence in Tamal Krishna Maharaj! Let the fools who are crow-like and prone to feed on garbage criticize him. I have seen many who criticize Krishna even. When I formally left sanyas in Miami in 1976, my mother dying from breast cancer, Tamal Krishna Maharaj flew down to meet with me personally and we walked about in Coconut Grove Park and talked for a long time. He had nothing but kindness.
    What is remarkable is that Srila Prabhupad had so much confidence in Tamal Krishna Maharaj. When one most foolish aparadhi tried to make a thesis that Srila Prabhupad was poisoned, I strongly tried to stop him as I could, telling him this. It did not help and such book when I received it unasked for, went directly into the trash. My Godbrother, your beloved Gurumaharaj, Sripad Tamal Krishna Maharaj, resides in that place to which we all aspire. Any with other ideas deserve what they get, a far lesser fate for sure. There are none more dear to Krishna in this world, then those who help lead others to sacrifice and surrender to Lord Krishna. If their fate is in question, then what of the rest of us? Hare Krishna, and have No doubts about your path under the guidance of Sripad Tamal Krishna Maharaj. If his feet ever stepped on my toes, I would consider it mercy only. I received nothing but encouragement and love from his grace.

    Pusta Krishna das

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