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Care for Cows March 2009 Newsletter

Monday, 02 March 2009 / Published in Ads, Cow protection, Kurma Rupa Das, Message Board / 3,011 views

Dear Friends,

Jai Govinda!

Our March 2009 Care for Cows Newsletter has been posted. Please review it at your earliest convenience.


In this edition of 18 pages (1.2 MB) we present reports on:

1. The activities and plans of Yudisthira Gaur, an exceptional go sevak.

2. An inspiring account on how a cow melted a violent man’s heart.

3. New admissions.

4. The activities of butchers in Braja.

Here are some links that will shed some light on the true extent of
suffering the holy cows of India are faced with:

1.High Court directs MCD to take care of cows dying of neglect

2. Madras High Court orders not to sell temple cows to slaughter houses

3.Ministry Of Food Processing Industries To Aid Modernising Abattoirs In

4.Muslim Mob Attack Hindus demonstrating against cow-slaughter in Agra

4.Cow protection movement (from Wikipedia)

5.Sangh chief says Muslims for cow slaughter ban, Gov’t reluctant

6.Why this cow slaughter? Even Islam is against it

7.Barbaric Treatment And Slaughter Of Cows In India Today(very good report
from UK’s The Independent)

8.Review: The British Origin of Cow-Slaughter in India

9.Various articles on cow slaughter

10.Gruesome Peta video about Cow Slaughter

11. Government looking for sites for slaughterhouse

12. Slaughtered animals: waste sites identified

(scroll down a bit to get to the article)

13. Idgah slaughterhouse ill-maintained

Thanks for your participation and support. I hope this finds youexperiencing the happiness and inner satisfaction that accompanies cowprotection. Jaya Sri Gopal!

Your friend and servant,
Kurma Rupa dasa

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