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The Naked Form of Matter

Tuesday, 03 March 2009 / Published in Poetry / 2,381 views

Karnamrita das:
The naked form of matter
giving misery, heartbreak
false promises
from good advertising
birth potential smiles
rising up
through youth
education, training, titles
desires to earn
only for a few years
taking a spouse and family
raising children to do the same
then declining
falling apart
realizing mortality
lamenting unfulfilled dreams
though some pleasure
it seems futile
pointless achievements
read on obituary page
whatever remains
for relatives to fight over.

Human beings fighting
for control
supremacy over life
land, food, water, resources
people’s minds, hearts
religious sentiments
inventing ways
to kill others
whether humans
plants, animals,
can be exploited
not knowing that
this harm will return
in kind with interest
even religiously done
for some false idea of God
the Age of Kali
destroys finer sentiments
and knowledge
the only hope
consciousness transformation
by praising God
through his holy name
offering everything
in service with prayer.

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