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No More Car Accidents!

Sunday, 15 March 2009 / Published in Articles / 653,275 views

By Patita Pavana das Adhikary

The two major car accidents this week (Iskcon devotees in serious car accident in Mayapur, and 5 Iskcon devotees of Mathuradesh leave their bodies in car accident ) have cast a cloud of sadness upon the entire ISKCON movement. I remember ISKCON’s first such car accident, two devotees, Vaidyanath and Maranda, were killed in Arizona in 1970 when a truck pushed their VW off a mountain slope in Arizona. Like the devotees in Mathuradesh, they passed from this world in Krishna’s service. May these brave, blessed souls all be asembled in Vaikuntha awaiting each of us by Shrila Prabhupada’s grace!

I was in one such car accident on sankirtan the next year, 1971, when the driver Bhakta Dennis fell asleep at the wheel. The devotees on either side of me, Jananivas das Brahmachary and Bhakta Will were each killed instantly, and I was temporarily paralyzed with a broken back. I corresponded with Shrila Prabhupada about the accident, not mentioning my injuries, and those of you have his letters may refer to it for his instructions under “Patita Uddharana.” Shrila Prabhupada’s secreatry at the time said that Prabhupada was deeply saddened, saying, “This did not have to happen.” I shall list below one of the ways that such tragedies “don’t have to happen.” The other way to avoid accidents, of course, is to use common sense, and this is what Shrila Prabhupada was specifically referring to. As the final lesson of the Gita states, dhruva nitir matir mama.

This year, 2009, is overshadowed with six ghastly eclipses, so many horrific forms of violence can be expected globally. The purpose of this short article is to teach devotees how to always leave their homes (start journeys) under a bright “moment” through the Vedic art of hora shastra. This is a little different form the “Thursday afternoon” wisdom famous throughout ISKCON. That particular moment refers to the Rahukalam or “period of Rahu.” It is a separate division of jyotish shastra.

As shall be explained hereunder one should leave the compound of one’s domicile–whether a permanent or temporaty domicile it does not matter–under a good hora or “hour.” Thereby, auspicious vibrations are attracted that will benefit your outing, whether it is a visit to a friend’s or the first leg of a long journey. Those who use hora shastra agree that this Vedic science works wonderfully. Frankly, I’ve lived a dangerous life, and since I learned it nearly forty years back I’ve always found it useful. Many devotees will be skeptical, thinking that this is some New Agey form of maya, but it is far from that. It is a perfect use for the invisible trends and influences of time that have been running sequentially since this globe emanated from Lord Vishnu’s divine body. Hora shastra is nothing less than a part of His unseen mystic power always at work in every atom.

The English word “hour” or Spanish “hora” (etc.) originate from the Sanskrit concept of hora. This is not unusual since it is well known that the entire system of time measurement originated in Vedic scientific wisdom which, again, originated with the inception of the Universe. In the word “hora” the syllable “ho” is derived from aho for “day, and the syllable “ra” is derived from ratri for “night. This said, I shall now reveal to my fellow devotees the short science of hora shastra which has protected millions from the dark hands of crossed stars for yugas.

First, you must learn the Vedic days of the weeks, beginning with Sunday. Every Indian already knows this.

Sunday = Raviwar or day of the Sun
Monday = Somwara or day of the Moon
Tuesday = Mangalwar or day of Mars
Wednesday = Budhwar or day of Mercury
Thursday = Guruwar or day of Jupiter
Friday = Shukrawar of day of Venus
Saturday = Shaniwar or day of Saturn

Second, you must learn the order that the horas or hours. They run in succession as follows:
(1.) Sun (2.) Venus (3.) Mercury (4.) Moon (5.) Saturn (6.) Jupiter (7.) Mars

Third, you must know the sunrise for the particular day. This is given in panchangs, newspapers as well as the website (which lists major cities worldwide)

Fourth, learn the qualities of the planets:
The following are auspicious planetary hours to depart the compound or yard of your house, temple, etc: Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus (Mercury may bear “mixed” results, but his edge is benefic)

The following are inauspicious planetary hours to depart your house: Sun, Mars, Saturn

Say you are to leave Delhi for Vrindavana on a Friday, a day when the sun rises at 6:03 am. Friday is the day of Venus and it has gotten its name from the fact that the first hour of the day is the hour of Venus. I’ll give the details in a table below, but it can be calculated on your writswatch in less than a minute by referring to these easy steps.

6:03 – 7:03 hora of Venus (auspicious, get moving)
7:03 – 8:03 hora of Mercury (ok)
8:03 – 9:03 hora of Moon (very aupicious, have a safe trip)
9:03 – 10:03 hora of Saturn (definitely avoid, accidents, delays, break-downs are possible)
10:03 – 11:03 hora of Jupiter (auspicious, you’ll meet some nice people, too)
11:03 -12:03 hora of Mars (accident prone, fights, arguments, scrapes, etc.)
1:03 – 2:03 hora of Sun (may cause legal issues, police checks, other headaches)
2:03 – 3:03 hora of Venus (etc. Contiune till pralaya)

Now if you go all the way around the clock twice, you’ll be amazed that the first hour of the next day, in this case, Saturday or Shaniwar, will start with Saturn hora, verifying how the weekdays were named from the time of creation. This has been going on since the first day of the universe, will continue till Lord Shiva’s tandava nritya, and will start again (presumably) with the next creation. You never noticed it, but it was right there in front of you all along. Just like Krishna consciousness!

Sure, I can see it now, Prabhuji. Devotees procrastinating that they missed the good hora of Moon, so they’ve got to catch up on some more sleep since Saturn just started. Well, brahminical sciences aren’t meant for feeding lazy habits. You lost the good hour, and Saturn is now running, so go do some Saturn-based work like clean the kitchen for one hour! And stay safe, Prabhus!


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    dear Vasinavas
    Please accept my humble obaisences
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada
    Before traveling we should take shelter of Lord Narasimhadeva..the astrology stuff is certainly helpfull too.
    Srila Prabhupada describes car accidents in Srimad Bhagavatam 8.2.32:
    This material world is described as padaḿ padaḿ yad vipadām, which means that at every step there is danger. A fool wrongly thinks that he is happy in this material world, but in fact he is not, for one who thinks that way is only illusioned. At every step, at every moment, there is danger. In modern civilization one thinks that if he has a nice home and a nice car his life is perfect. In the Western countries, especially in America, it is very nice to possess a good car, but as soon as one is on the road, there is danger because at any moment an accident may take place and one will be killed. The record actually shows that so many people die in such accidents. Therefore if we actually think that this material world is a very happy place, this is our ignorance. Real knowledge is that this material world is full of danger. We may struggle for existence as far as our intelligence allows and may try to take care of ourselves, but unless the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, ultimately saves us from danger, our attempts will be useless.

    In India it is essential you control the driver from going to fast and overtaking to many cars because he is in a rush to make more money.Besides that singing the Narasimha prayer and chanting Narasimha kavhacha and other Narasimha mantras is a good idea.
    I pray to Lord Narasimha our many journeys may all be safe.
    And simply chant Hare Krsna even if your journey is hours long or very short never stop chanting.
    In the Narayana Kavahca we find this sloka:
    SB 6.8.27-28: May the glorification of the transcendental name, form, qualities and paraphernalia of the Supreme Personality of Godhead protect us from the influence of bad planets, meteors, envious human beings, serpents, scorpions, and animals like tigers and wolves. May it protect us from ghosts and the material elements like earth, water, fire and air, and may it also protect us from lightning and our past sins. We are always afraid of these hindrances to our auspicious life. Therefore, may they all be completely destroyed by the chanting of the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra.
    If you are chanting at least the last words will be Hare Krsna ,,not “watch out”
    your servant
    Payonidhi das

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    naraharidev ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thank you for pointing out this nice article Patita Pavana Prabhu. It is essential that devotees get sufficient rest especially before they take up any critical services like driving. I remember as a child my grandfather advising others in the family if it was not an auspicious time to start a journey. Two generations ago, atleast in India, everyone knew this science as common sense. Somehow this brahminical culture has been lost with time and it’s good to be revived. I request if the author can point out any relevant resources from where one can learn more details about this.

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    sivabd says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhus,Matajis,
    Please Accept My Humble Obeisances. All Glories To Srila Prabhupada. All Glories All Glories To Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga. All your thoughts are very valid one. In my very first trip to Sri Dham last month (for Maha Abhishek), I could experience the cab driver’s (from Prabhupda Travels) impatience in driving. He (crazily) drove me from SriDham to Calcutta airport just in 2:45 hours and made me finish 16 rounds in a horrific way. We should not lose any moer devotees in these kind of reckless accidents. Sincerely appealing authorities to address this issue IMMEDIATELY.
    Hare Krishna

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    myfriend ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    My dear Naraharideva das Prabhuji,

    Please accept my dandavats. Thank you for your kind words regarding my article. Astology is a material science, but (as Shrila Prabhupada said) “it is the most subtle of all material sciences.” Because it is so subtle and because it is useful when applied in devotional service (for muhurthas, marriages, etc.) it is often mistaken to be quasi-spiritual. In fact, astrology is no different from learning any other science in this regard, but because of this quasi-spiritual misconception many mayavadis are involved in jyotish shastra. Of course, the concept of mayavada and jyotish are self-contradictory because jyotish accepts individual karma, individual personalities, etc. which are all reflected from the ever-active spirit soul as described in the Gita’s famous “banyan tree example. 15.1. These contradictions cannot be explained by useless, foolish, rascal mayavadis who are all worthless.

    India’s most popular astrological writer is the late B.V. Raman. I used to contribute to his Astrological Magazine while he was alive. When I discussed the Bhagavata’s Fifth Canto and Shrila Prabhupada’s proper understanding of the Universal situation with him in his office, he directly contradicted it and argued on the side of modern astronomy vis a vis the Earth – Sun connection.

    In this way, it seems that practically any book on astrology in English will be a smorgasbord of mayavada, modern misconceptions and whatever elements of Parashara are convenient . In fact, the only Vaishnava book on jyotish shastra that I know of now currently in print is mine. It is called What Is Your Rashi? and it is available from Sagar Publications in Delhi.

    This book reveals Shrila Prabhupada’s horoscope, showing His Divine Grace to be none other than an empowered avatar, etc. It was written to offer our spiritual philosophy of Krishna consciousness to India’s modern English-speaking pandits who are generally highly intelligent and very favourable to this Krishna consciousness movement. My book describes the Vedic wisdom behind the Moon sign as the basis of Vedic astrology’s emphasis of rashi (as described in the Fifth Canto) rather than the erroneous Western conception of Sun sign. From there, What Is Your Rashi expands to the blissful chanting of:

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

    Thanks very much for your inquiry. I beg to remain,
    Your fallen servant,
    Patita Pavana da

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    Brijabasidas ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dear Patita Pavana Prabhu,
    please accept my humble obeisances.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Thank you very much for your explanation of how to calculate an auspicious time. I enjoyed reading it and want to apply it in my life. But the only thing which came to my mind is that what was used as an unit of time was an hour. But we usually see that when time measurement is described such units as muhurta, ghatika etc are used. It always seemed to me that our “hour” (60 minutes) is a western concept. Could you please dissipate my doubts?

    Your servant,
    Brijabasi das.

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    myfriend ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    My dear Brijabasi das,

    Please accept my dandavats. Shrla Prabhupada ki jai!

    Thank you for this intelligent argument and for the well-thought point you raise. Yes, I felt this way, too, at first. But my conclusion is that nobody in the West ever had the brains to come up with a concept of dividing the day into 24 perfect hours, so the Vedic explanation stands and makes perfect sense.

    Look at what the popes did to the calendar! The very word calendar comes from kala, or time, yet they begin New Year whimsically in the middle of winter, and people in general use it as an excuse to become intoxicated and dance like monkeys. They have inserted July and August for Julius and Augustus Caesarout of sheer egoism. Look at the months! September, October, November, December, almost pure Sanskrit,: sapta, ashta, nava, dasa. December was the tenth month till July and August came along, hence Christmas is sometimes written as X-mas or literally, “tenth month.”

    Ultimately, I am very poor with such fine calculations of time, these are given in minute detail by Shril Prabhupada in the Bhagavatam’s “Description of Time From the Atom.” But we can conclude that time is measured differently, but the actual measurements have their origins in Lord Vishnu, and were explained by His pure devotees for the guidance of mankind.

    In conclusion, however, we find that there has been no sage in the West, until Shrila Prabhupada walked off the Jaladutta, to explain time properly. Therefore I have accepted the old concept of hora as being of Vedic origin having agonized over the point you raise time and again. Plus, it works. Try leaving your house in Saturn hora and then write to me about the interesting folks you run into.

    Incidentally, speaking of time (as measured from the standpoint of the solar year), the new solar year begins with the ingress of Lord Surya into Mesha rashi or Aries on or around April 15th next month. This is called Mesha Sankranti. Check your panchanga, and remember to say your Gayatri exactly at the mean noon, the exact division between sunrise and sunset, on this day. By the prayers of devotees like you, Krishna consciousness, devotion to Shri Guru-Gauranga,with its wonderful foundation of Vedic culture, will continue to grow and spread across the landscape for another year of progress.

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare

    Your servant,
    Patita Pavana das

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    Akruranatha ( User Karma: -11 ) says:

    I noticed in the article that between the Mars hora (given as 11:03 to 12:03 based on a sunrise of 6:03), and the Sun hora (1:03 to 2:03), there appears to be a missing hora. That is, 12:03 to 1:03 is unassigned. Is this just an oversight on your part Patita Pavan Prabhu? Or is there actually an unassigned hora?

    I have often wondered why people say X-mas instead of Christmas. (Is the name “Christ” supposed to be so holy that it should be abbreviated?) I never thought of this Roman Numeral explanation. Interesting….

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    Hari Bol ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hari Haribol! Thank you for this illuminating article. I recently drove 6 hours in Ireland on Gaur Poornima day only on water. Driving is quite risky in empty stomach. However, by the grace of Guru Gauranga, we made it.
    I shall better be careful next time . Thank you again. Hare Krishna!

  9. 0
    Akruranatha ( User Karma: -11 ) says:

    Haribol, Hari Bol!

    At first I was confused, but I have come to the conclusion that driving on water must be easier than walking on water, even in Ireland. :-)

    Happy St. Patrick’s day.

    Your servant, Akruranatha dasa

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    myfriend ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dear Akruranath Prabhu,

    Dandavats. May Prabhupada be ever glorified and may all the devotees of ISKCON, our spiritual family members, ever remain safe by the grace of Shri Krishna and the mahamantra:

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

    The hour is not missing, my brain is missing!

    Thanks for pointing this out, 12:03 to 1:03 should have been Sun hora. So the order stands as given from creation to pralaya: Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, (repeat) Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, etc. There are Nava-graha, or nine planets, in Vedic astrology. The additional ones used in the West, viz. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, are the results of mental speculation and a poor fund of knowledge. Only the seven “embodied” planets are represented in week-days and thus used in hora shastra. Thus there are seven week-days for the seven demi-gods of these sapta-grahas or planets. The remaining two planets, Rahu and Ketu, the malefic and inauspicious “chhaya-grahas” or shadowy planets, do not figure because they are mere shadows..

    Thanks again. And thanks also to Payonidhi das (above) for giving the Bhagavatam mantras for protection from the inauspiciousness of this hazardous material life which is as frail as a thread!

    Mindless servant at the feet of the Vaishnavas,
    Patita Pavana das

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    pustakrishna ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Patita Uddharana (Pavana) Prabhu was one of the first bhaktas I met. After joining in the Plaza of the Americas, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida in 1970, Gargamuni Swami and I started on our way to East Pakistan to preach in February, 1971. We hitch-hiked up to NYC and in Brooklyn, I experienced my first ISKCON temple. Both Puru das and Patita Uddharana were very kind to me. I knew of the pain that Patita Uddharana experienced over the years.
    I am the only disciple of Srila Prabhupad to have been in the car with him in two separate automobile accidents, one a head-on collision on the island of Mauritius in 1975 after his tour of South Africa. It was a very serious accident. A car was coming directly at us in the wrong lane on a curve in the country-side amongst the sugarcane fields. It was a remarkable experience, very profound, and fortunately, Srila Prabhupad, Brahmananda Prabhu and myself were not seriously hurt. The other accident occurred enroute from Vrindaban to Delhi while we tried to pass a horsecart that suddenly pulled out to pass a truck, while we were coming up on the side. We sideswiped the car against the horsecart’s wheel. It was a Mercedes which Srila Prabhupad had asked me to bring to him for the 1976 Mayapur festival. We had driven it from Germany to Mayapur (9,000 miles) in the winter without incident, but had the accident in India.
    It is actually horrifying to drive on the highways in India. Besides the many obstacles in the roads (animals, people, carts, etc) the trucks drive down the narrow roads and literally force the cars off to the side, sometimes off the road without any concern for the welfare of the people in the smaller vehicle. The cars do not drive defensively, and meander along seemingly oblivious to the concept of defensive driving. Driving down the highway roads is like playing “chicken”. It is insane that we get used to that sort of risk-taking by having some experience of road travel in India.
    The reality of being involved in accidents can have many responses. In my personal experience such accidents have led me to realize that we are not in control then, and in fact we are never in control of the material world. The epiphany of these and other experiences in my life, one a motorcycle crash in Gainesville in which I experienced eternity before awakening to body-consciousness with broken ribs, have given me glimpses that we are carried along by Grace. Pusta Krishna

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    Akruranatha ( User Karma: -11 ) says:

    Dear Patita Pavana Prabhu,

    Are you the Patita Pavana who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is marries to Satya dasi who organizes the Salagram-Tulasi wedding in Berkeley each year?

    (I have met so many Patita Pavanas, I cannot keep track)

    I’ll look for your book “What is Your Rashi?”, although astrology has never been my strong point.

    Pusta Krishna Prabhu, are you writing a book of your memoirs? If not, please consider doing so, as it would be a great treasure for all the devotees.

    Y.s., Akruranatha dasa

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    Hariharan Iyer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hare Krishna Patita Pavan Pr

    Looks like some one in Bollywood is making a movie with the same name as your book.


  14. 0
    Akruranatha ( User Karma: -11 ) says:

    If they have taken the name of Patita Pavana’s book as the title of their film, and it can be proven that they had come accross the name by having had access to the book, they should probably pay something reasonable to license the name (which is protected by international copyright law) or, if Patita Pavana prefers, he could force them to choose another name.

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    Gangamatagoswaminid ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    hare Krishna,

    no offence intended but we should never ever fall prey to this rahu ketu thing or horoscopes

    I know many devotees who did things like
    1. not marry another devotee coz their kundalis dont match
    2. devotees so paranoid that they cancel program
    3. miss flights

    and who knows what else takes place.

    Bottom line, this world is going to be full of misery and horrors.
    dont add to it by Horroscopes.

    chant and be happy, we have to believe in this. It is compulsory to be happy when you chant.

    Hari bol


    Gangamata Goswamini dd

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    myfriend ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    My dear Prabhu Pusta Krishna,
    Please accept my dandavats at your feet. May Shrila Prabhupada be ever glorified!

    First I beg you allow me to thank you for the kind thoughts. If I ever did anything for you, you repaid the favour in full Vaishnava form when you took me to England in 1970, and I remained with the wonderful Prabhus at Bury Place. Thank you.

    There is an example in Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, which is nothing more than a book of etiquette and niti. Mukunda gave me a copy of this book in London when we started preaching to Hindu gentlemen there, as some of our residual hippie manners wouldn’t have won much friends and influence! The example is one of an executive who lost quite a bit of money in a bad investment. So his boss slapped him on the back and said, “If it had been anybody else, we would have lost much more!” Thus some may criticise you that you were in two accidents with Shrila Prabhupada, but I say you may have saved His Divine Grace from injury by quick thinking. If anyone else was at the wheel, it could have been much worse!

    Regarding India’s roads, they are the most dangerous in the world. They are the grim hosts to 6% of all motor vehicle accidents world wide. I have treated the black comedy of negotiating them in my book Motorcycle Yoga – Meditative Rides Through India (, which is a Krishna conscious view of years of semi-solitary exploration there.

    Incidentally, this book Motorcycle Yoga was written to introduce Krishna Consciousness to bikers. Bobby Weir of the Grateful Dead called me up to thank me for it because the chapter “Rolling With The River” reminded him of his only trip to India, when he took Jerry Garcia’s ashes to the Ganges. It is due to Mukunda Swami taking George’s ashes to the Ganges that this final farewell of “Ganga submerion” has caught on amongst celebrities. Robin Williams also liked Motorcycle Yoga, and I gave both him and Weir Shiva Lingas that I found in the Narmada.

    Prabhu, you are a great preacher and highly intelligent. You were always asking Prabhupada very pointed questions and delighting in the answers. I know that once you finish off grihastha ashram and your duties there, then Krishna will once again release you upon a world hungry for sanatan dharma and Bhagavad Gita As It Is! As Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur says, “Krishna is difficult to serve!”

    Your humble servant,
    Patita Pavana das (Uddharana)

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    myfriend ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    My dear Akruranath Prabhuji,

    Please accept my humble obeisances. Shrila Prabhupada kijai!

    Thanks for your interest in my book on the Bhagavatam’s version in favour of the lunar basis (Moon sign) of Vedic astrology. In the USA, this book What Is Your Rashi? is available from the Bodhi Tree bookstore in L.A. The Patita Pavana you mention was actually initiated in Montreal one week before I was inititated. Shrila Prabhupada made one visit to Santa Fe in 1968, and I was the only devotee initiated at that time. This material world is a very dangerous place. A few days after Prabhupada left a gunman in the temple fired three shots at us devotees from point blank range, but thankfully all the shots went wild. He identified himself as an “angel of vengeance.” and hiked off. We simply chanted and did not even call the police, since we didn’t have a phone!

    After my initiation, we forgot to write down my name. The President Hari Nama told me my name was “Patipama” which oid not sound right. When I inquired of my spiritual master (by that time in LA), Shrila Prabhupada changed it to Patit Uddharana, but he later called me “Patit Pavana Prabhu” in Boston at ISKCON Press. So when I went to India in 1972 or 73, I went back to Patita Pavana to avoid explaining the meaning of “patitoddharanadas” to everyone I met. All Indians know this name Patita Pavana from Gandhi’s chanting, and whenever I’d introduce myself by this name, I’d hear a quick kirtan from my new Indian friend. “Raghjupati Raghava Raja Rama…”

    Somehow, both of us Patita Pavanas ended up driving taxis in San Francisco. As a (thankfully ex-) taxi driver, let me say that I am familiar with the mentality of greedy shudra drivers who do not mind at all risking your life to make an extra rupee. This is one reason I wrote the above article. It is the passenger’s job to control the fool at the wheel.

    Prabhupada wrote President Nixon that his devotees are the flowers of America. But flowers are delicate and must be protected. Sometimes, they must protect themselves. Thanks again for your letter.

    Your humble servant,
    Patita Pavana das

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    sevananda ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thank you Patita-Pavana , my old friend , You have written another wonderful and useful article ! I just wanted to correct a few details concerning Vaidyanath Prabhu`s car accident and death , as well as make a few comments about that little known and un-sung Hero . It was in 1971 . They were returning from L.A. late a night , where Bhakta Mark was innitiated earlier that day , and became Markandeya das . He was killed , along with Vaidyanath . Nara`singha – Chaitanya Prabhu had his back badly broken , though he did not die . They were struck from behind by a big Mack truck and driven off a cliff . It was a 1952 Milk truck painted sky blue , with a top speed of 42 MPH . I know these things ,because It was my home temple -Phoenix> / Tuscon . Earlier that year ,it was Vaidyanath Prabhu that had sent us out in that truck to distribute books , with Puro`sottama Prabhu , Nara`singha Prabhu , Dhumrakesha Prabhu ,and also my lowly self ,to cover the USA South West with KRSNA Books and the TLCs – 1st printings . It was the 2nd or 3rd such TSKP in ISKCON , and we were inspired by and given a few days training with Ke`sava`s Party which included Bhuddhi-Manta , Jagavan , Yogesh-Chandra as well as others . I still remember very clearly . Vaidyanath Prabhu was filled with good qualities , Love for Prabhupada , and always in anxiety as to how to some how or other , please `Srila Prabhupada . The remaining survivors of the Pheonix and Tucson temples were chosen by Prabhupada for his 1st list of 50 disciples to go to India . Your servant , Sevananda das

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    Ananda ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dear Patita-Pavana Prabhu,

    Pamho AGTSP

    Thank you for your service, which helps Krsna’s Devotees to be safer
    along their journeys.

    My daughter came up with a easy to use chart based on your article;
    you just look-up the time of sunrise then the day of the week and it
    gives you the best time to begin.

    Before I forward this to friends and family could you review it for
    its accuracy?


    Ananda Das (ACBSP)

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