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“It’s All One”—Not! (A Vaishnava Response to Advaita…

Monday, 14 January 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 197 views

“It’s All One”—Not! (A Vaishnava Response to Advaita Vedanta)
Satyaraja Dasa: Most systems of Indian philosophy endorse the notion that, in some sense, all living beings are one with God. Some would say that spiritual philosophy in general – East and West – is based on the premise of oneness, suggesting an ontological unity for all that is. The reasoning is straightforward: Since everything emanates from God, and since God is absolute, then His emanations partake of His essential nature, even if they exist in temporary forgetfulness.* Thus, ultimate spiritual vision, according to this line of thought, breaks down all barriers and allows us to see the truth of our essential oneness with God.
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