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Mayapur MP office is looking for Project Manager and Landscape Architect

Tuesday, 05 February 2019 / Published in Message Board / 370 views

Mayapur MP office is looking for Project Manager and Landscape Architect to join the team. Please find the job description below.

MAYAPUR Master Plan Office Email – Phone – Nandan (+91-7407838788)

This service encompasses a range of responsibilities and roles, which as the project develops may become shared with other team members.


1. Project Approval Process
o To facilitate Divisional Heads who are developing projects to prepare proposals/Application to get approval from the proper level of management – Master Plan Team (MPT), Mayapur Administrative Council (MAC), and Mayapur Executive Board (MEB). This includes ‘land allocation’ and ‘design’ and ‘construction’ stage approvals.
o Align project requirement with Master Plan
o Coordination with various stakeholders (surveyors, engineers, etc) to facilitate various projects
o Report to Master Plan Team regarding ongoing projects
2. Master Plan Team Secretary
o Minutes of meetings for MPT (weekly basis)
o Track progress of various tasks of MPT
o Minutes of meetings of Master Plan Sub Committees
3. Consultants
o Working with consultants – Drainage, Sewage, Vastu, etc
4. Master Plan Implementation & Research
o Detailed Planning for various zones – Visitors, Parks, Cultural Centres,
Cottage Industries, Retail, etc
o Research – Sustainability, Transport, etc
5. Communication Skills
o Preparing Master Plan presentations for various management bodies
o Reporting project updates to Master Plan Team via email
6. Software – Autocad, MS office
7. Eagerness to serve in Mayapur Dham. Long Term Commitment (Minimum 2 years)
8. Maintenance Available

Landscape Architect
1. Design of Spiritual Gardens
a. Work with various Committees to finalise the concept and vision for various public parks (ex – Vrindavan, Navadvipa, Prabhupada, Holy Name, children park, etc) in Mayapur
b. Work on the detailed design of the parks including different aspects such as landscaping, street furniture, signages, biodiversity, Festival organisation, Visitor experience, etc
c. Work with Master Plan Team to work on the Landscaping in various zones of Master Plan such as Guest House, Retail, Education, Avenue Plantation, etc
d. Prepare Site Plans and Cost estimates
e. Prepare graphic presentations of proposed plans using software
2. Construction of the Parks
a. Start Nursery for the Master Plan
b. Supervise the overall execution of the parks
c. Inspect Landscape work to ensure that the concept is being followed
3. Work with Consultants – Biodiversity, Landscape as on need basis
4. Software – Autocad, MS office
5. Eagerness to serve in Mayapur Dham. Long Term Commitment (Minimum 2 years)
6. Maintenance Available

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