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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

South Africa’s first installed deities – 40th Anniversary

Wednesday, 06 February 2019 / Published in Message Board / 393 views

Hare Krishna Dear devotees

Thank you in advance for your support in spreading the wonderful message of Sri Sri Nitai Gaura Hari’s 40th anniversary this year. The first installed deities in South Africa! See attached picture of Their Lordships

Attached is the logo for our 40th anniversary and below are the 2 messages to please send out to your databases via Whatsapp, Email and Social Media to get as much awareness and support as possible

Whatsapp and Facebook Message:
Be a part of the 40th anniversary of the first installed deities of Iskcon SA, Their Lordships Sri Sri Nitai Gaura Hari.
ISKCON Lenasia will be hosting a special event commemorating the 40 years & are inviting devotees to share photos & memories from 1979-2019. Please email to contribute by 15 Feb.

Email message
Be a part of the 40th anniversary of the first installed deities of ISKCON South Africa, Their Lordships Sri Sri Nitai Gaura Hari. Every ISKCON centre is invited and encouraged to participate in this wonderful celebration

To commemorate this historic achievement, ISKCON SA’s theme for the 40th celebrations is The Beginning: Mercy and Magic. We look back to our lineage imbibing a pioneering spirit, from Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mood of spreading Krishna Consciousness to every town and village to HDG Srila Prabhupada himself visiting South Africa, giving us his mercy and the devotees of Cato Ridge temple creating magic by persevering under every condition to carry forth Srila Prabhupadas instruction and Lord Caitanyas movement.

Your contribution:

We will be celebrating a monumental milestone this year, and we are calling all devotees who were a part of the early days of ISKCON SA in Cato Ridge to share memories and photos for the period 1979 – 2019 to Jayananda das (GRS), our head co-ordinator for this special festival on Include your name, contact number and a short description for each photo you send so we can link stories and events together.

The Festival:

ISKCON SA will be holding a month of celebrations at every centre starting from Gaura Purnima (21 March) festival leading up to the big event on Ram Nauvmi (13 & 14 April 2019) which will include a special book offering and a most engaging play capturing the essence and pastimes of the early days in Cato Ridge. ISKCON Lenasia, as the home of Their Lordships Sri Sri Nitai Gaura Hari will be hosting a special event commemorating 40 years since Their installation.

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